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Building Advanced Network Architecture

The networks of today need to offer wireless mobile network access capable of supporting High Definition (HD) multimedia services, and have sufficient capacity to support the rapid innovation of new services. Based on best practices garnered from projects around the world, Huawei helps enterprises implement Wide Area Networks (WANs)/campus networks, offering services for new deployment, migration, and capacity expansion. Such services include solution design and verification, integrated deployment, as well as migration and implementation. These help improve network development capabilities, enhance service awareness, and reduce network Operations and Maintenance (O&M) complexity, especially when technologies such as high-density Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) are deployed.

While upgrading or restructuring legacy networks can help handle rapid service growth, ensuring network standardization and smooth service migration can be challenging. Huawei’s IP Network Solution Implementation Service uses customized tools, expert support, and comprehensive multi-product remote labs to ensure smooth and secure transition of IP network services and data. The stringent verification and testing of network services minimize implementation risks.

The IP Network Solution Implementation Service offers full-process delivery based on six scenarios with more than 30 deliverables. Based on an in-depth analysis of service requirements, Huawei provides a customized implementation plan, which clearly outlines the delivery process, technical management details, and delivery risks. Combined with the tools and the experience of delivery experts, the solution ensures unified target network specifications and smooth migration for all services.

WAN/Campus Network Implementation Service

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