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Complete, Secure, and Efficient Cloud Transformation

With the dawn of Cloud Computing 2.0, cloud has become one of the core technologies enabling digital transformation and innovation. The goal is not simply cost reduction, but creating greater value for customers. However, cloud migration of businesses cannot be achieved overnight, with a multitude of challenges such as: how to ensure the smooth migration of data and applications to the cloud; how to guarantee service performance, security, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on the cloud; how to avoid information silos; and how to store and analyze mined data effectively.

To help industry customers undergoing in-depth cloud transformation address such challenges, Huawei offers a portfolio of enablement services, covering the entire lifecycle of industry clouds. Huawei is dedicated to being an enabler of industry cloud transformation, helping industry customers build, use, and manage clouds. Catering to the unique cloud transformation requirements of each customer, and based on years of experience in industry-specific services, Huawei collaborates with ecosystem partners to help customers develop appropriate, efficient, and full-lifecycle cloud transformation solutions — from cloud planning and design to cloud migration and operation support to smart data services — harnessing innovative, new technologies, including cloud computing, big data analytics, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Solutions relating to cloud strategies, cloud applications, cloud infrastructure, and cloud operations are offered.

Huawei provides cloud transformation services for over 1000 customers worldwide across diverse sectors — including finance, government, and manufacturing — deploying cloud-based tools and platforms, mirrored verification labs, and industry-standard service models. These services help customers reduce Time to Market (TTM), boost Information Technology (IT) resource utilization by up to 50%, and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by up to 40%.


  • Cloud Planning, Design, and Implementation Service

  • Cloud Migration and Operation Support Service

  • Big Data Enablement Service

Expert and comprehensive network planning and design services help build, modernize, and scale ICT architecture quickly, effortlessly, and cost-efficiently.
The Cloud Migration and Operation Support Service consists of cloud migration, cloud DR & backup, cloud security, cloud operation support, and application cloud enablement services. It helps customers smoothly migrate services to the cloud. This service ensures safe and smooth business operations of customers, and supports customers to fully utilize clouds.
Huawei big data enablement service, data platform architecture, data service development designer, and data system governance.

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