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    FusionCube Software

    Enjoy effortless management with a software-defined HCI platform.


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FusionCube Software

FusionCube Software provides hyper-converged software capabilities, including virtualization, storage, and management. Integrated with partner servers, it provides a full-stack Information Technology (IT) solution that is suitable for a wide range of service applications, from virtualization to desktop clouds, helping enterprises take a huge stride forward through simplified, efficient digital transformation.

Continuous Security

Lightweight and Reliable Design

• A minimum configuration of 2 nodes and expansion without service interruption. • A 22:2 commercial Erasure Code (EC) provides the highest available capacity in the industry. • Adaptive deduplication and compression reduce performance by less than 15%. • An active-active solution ensures zero Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and almost zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

resource integration

Efficient and Stable Services

• Support for iSula containers, no-load resources are 50% less than those in the industry, container startup speed is 60% higher than that in the industry. • Built-in End to End (E2E) backup capabilities.

Simple Operation

Simplified Management

• Planning: Generate design documents with just one click. • Construction: Install and deploy applications and configure the network, all with just one click. • Maintenance: Maintain applications, perform health checks, and upgrade and expand capacity, all with just one click. • Optimization: Optimize resources with just one click.


FusionCube Software
Storage Efficiency EC, deduplication, and compression
Data Redundancy Protection EC, 2-copy, and 3-copy
Reliability Asynchronous replication, synchronous replication, active-active, EC redundancy, and E2E DIF consistency check (online validation, background validation, and zero-impact self-healing)
 Capacity Expansion Server capacity expansion and main storage media capacity expansion
Capacity Reduction Server capacity reduction
FusionCube Vision VM management: VM creation, VM template management, and VM migration
Storage management: Disk and storage pool management
Monitoring alarms: Status, alarm, and performance monitoring, and system sub-health check
Performance monitoring: IOPS, I/O bandwidth, I/O latency, CPU usage, memory usage, and NIC rate
Log auditing: Security, operation, and system logs
System O&M: One-click capacity expansion, log collection, and health check
System log collection: Unified log collection of system servers, system OSs, distributed storage devices, and management systems
Log collection interval: Maximum interval for collecting logs is two days, with ability to collect logs from up to five nodes concurrently
System upgrade: Online upgrade for management system
Management data backup: Periodic backup for management data of distributed storage and management systems
Health check: Servers, system OSs, distributed storage, and management systems