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OceanStor Scale-Out Storage

The Huawei OceanStor scale-out Storage series helps enterprises unlock the value of massive data, offering diversified storage for applications such as virtualization and cloud resource pools, big data analytics, High Performance Computing (HPC), video, content repository, backup, and archiving.

Market Rankings

  • IDC Market Rankings

    First place in IDC's PRC Software-Defined Storage (SDS) Market Overview, Q4, 2021.

  • IO500 List

    Ranked second in both IO500 and 10-node lists.

  • ESG Recommended

    Test verification: recommended as the next generation storage system designed for High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA).

  • Interop Best of Show Awards

    Winner of the Grand Prize in the Server & Storage category at Interop Tokyo 2021.

Reviews from Gartner Peer Insights

We are deeply impressed by the customer-centric working attitude of Huawei engineers. The product itself is very responsive, easy to use for unstructured data, and highly scalable. More

-- Industry Architect

We needed a new type of storage to replace the traditional centralized storage. After a PoC test, we found that the reliability and scalability of Huawei distributed storage can be realized. The storage capacity can be expanded quickly and the management interface functions are complete. More

-- IT Technical Director in the Finance Industry

Huawei is experienced with distributed storage products. The storage is stable with different networks. And I do like the unified platform idea. More

-- CTO in the Manufacturing Sector

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Huawei Distributed Storage Family

Performance models

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      Select the Best Storage for Your Business

      • solution 01

        High-Performance Data Analytics

        With extensive applications in scientific research, oil and gas production, and genome sequencing, HPC has high requirements for computing and storage performance, scalability, and Return On Investment (ROI).
        The OceanStor Pacific Series provides distributed, parallel file clients with industry-leading performance for HPC platforms. These clients are compatible with Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) and Message Passing Interface-Input/Output (MPI-IO), to better adapt to HPC services. The series also features automatic storage tiering, which optimizes architecture to increase both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

        Typical uses: Marine meteorology, genome sequencing, energy exploration, remote sensing satellites, and autonomous driving.
      • solution 02

        The Storage for Big Data

        By monetizing data through big data analytics, enterprises are encouraged to store data for longer periods of time, straining limited Information Technology (IT) resources as data volumes increase from PBs to EBs. As a result, cost optimization for distributed storage has become a critical issue.
        The OceanStor Pacific Series provides a decoupled storage-compute big data solution for the mainstream platforms of big data analytics. This solution expands compute and storage resources on demand without altering applications, slashing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by more than 30%.

        Typical uses: Finance, carrier log retention, governments, and Smart City projects.
      • solution 03

        Huawei OceanStor Pacific: the Storage for Backup & Archive

        Object storage is gaining in popularity due to the increasing volume of Internet services, agile releases and cross-region access for distributed, cost-effective multi-temperature data storage, and growing backup and archiving requirements.
        The OceanStor Pacific Series constructs storage resource pools for mass volumes of objects to provide online services with large throughput in real-time, including frequent hot access to Internet data, as well as online audio and video data. The series also automatically implements long-term storage of cold data in Blu-ray media. This energy-efficient approach streamlines data access and reduces the storage costs of distributed.

        Typical uses: Bank check images and dual-recording (sound and picture recording), medical images, Internet of Vehicles (IoV), and enterprise resource sharing.
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        Mass Data Backup and Archiving

        In mass data backup and archiving scenarios, Huawei's OceanStor Pacific series uses multiple active data centers for DR, along with an elastic high-availability design, helping users unlock the value of both warm and cold data.
        Powered by cross-regional multiple active data centers for DR, OceanStor Pacific meets the high availability needs of mass data archiving and content libraries, making mass data storage more economical, efficient, and long-lasting.
      • solution 04

        Virtual/Cloud Resource Pool

        When transitioning from physical to virtual and cloud architecture, distributed storage is essential.
        The OceanStor Pacific Series provides distributed storage resource pools with flexibility on-demand for virtual and cloud environments, significantly improving resource deployment, expansion, and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) efficiency.

        Typical uses: Channel access clouds for Internet finance, agile development and testing, carrier cloud services in Business Operation Management (BOM) domains, B2B loud resource pools, e-government clouds, and industry clouds.
      • solution 05

        Intelligent Video Storage

        Intelligent video storage is vital to Smart City projects, with widespread application in resource waste awareness and vehicle recognition. This can generate dozens of PBs of video and image data for a medium-sized city.
        The OceanStor Pacific Series connects to mainstream video storage platforms and provides enterprise-grade file storage with broad compatibility. It also uses high-density hardware and software with performance optimization to provide diversified video and image storage capabilities.

        Typical uses: Smart City projects and smart rail transportation.

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