• OptiXstar P893E

    OptiXstar P893E



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OptiXstar P893E
OptiXstar P893E

OptiXstar P893E

OptiXstar P893E is an ONU designed for education and healthcare scenarios. It provides two 10G optical upstream ports on the network side; and provides two 10GE ports with PoE++ and eight GE ports (four with PoE+) on the user side, enabling high quality access experience for users.

Ultra Wide Access

▪ XGS-PON Pro supports 12.5Gbps
▪ PON upstream load sharing, supporting 25 Gbit/s upstream transmission
▪ 10GE port, PoE++, Wi-Fi 7 AP access


High Reliability,High Security

▪ Type B/Type C service protection
▪ 802.1x authentication、 Firewall、DoS/ARP anti-attacks and other security features

data application services

Easy O&M

▪ Centralized management on eSight
▪ Automatic service configuration


Parameters OptiXstar P893E
Dimensions(W×D×H) 220mm × 150mm × 43.6mm
NNI 2 * XGS-PON Pro(1*BOB+1*SFP)
UNI 4*GE+4*GE(PoE+)+2*XGE(PoE++)
Static power consumption 11.72W
Maximum power consumption 22.37W (excluding PoE power consumption)
Installation mode Placed horizontally on a desktop, installed under a desk, installed on a wall, or installed in a cabinet or network box
Operating temperature -5°C ~ +45°C
Heat dissipation mode Natural heat dissipation
PoE output power Maximum total output power: 120 W
GE ports 1–4 do not support PoE
GE ports 5–8 support a maximum of 30 W (PoE+)
XGE ports 9-10 support a maximum of 60 W (PoE++)
XGS-PON Pro port • Port type: SC/UPC
• Maximum transmission distance: 20 km
- Class B1(BOB)
- Transmission rate: RX 12.4416 Gbit/s, TX 12.4416 Gbit/s
- Optical receiver sensitivity: –22 dBm; Overload optical power: –7 dBm
- SFP optical module
- Class C+(SFP)
- Transmission rate:RX 12.4416 Gbit/s, TX 12.4416 Gbit/
- Optical receiver sensitivity: –27 dBm; Overload optical power: –7 dBm
GE/XGE(electrical) port • Port type: RJ45
• GE port: Auto ports speed(10/100/1000 Mbit/s )
• XGE(electrical) port: Auto ports speed(1/2.5/5/10 Gbit/s)
• MDI/MDIX automatic configuration
• Configuring the number of learnable mac addresses
• Ethernet port-based VLAN transparent transmission and filtering
• GE ports 5–8 support PoE+XGE supports PoE++
Networking Protection • Type B single-homing protection
• Type B dual-homing protection
• Type C single-homing protection
• Type C dual-homing protection
• PON upstream load sharing
Layer 2 Management • MAC address management
• Layer 2 bridging
• Layer 2 isolation
• DHCP Option82
• BPDU transparent transmission
• IPv6 (Layer 2 transparent transmission)
Security • 802.1x
• IPv6/IPv4 firewall
• Filtering based on MAC/IP/URL
• Dos/ARP anti-attacks
• Static MAC address binding
• Device access control
• Supports prevention of unauthorized DHCP server connection
• ONU Port-Level HardIsolated