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iMaster NCE-IP

Huawei iMaster NCE-IP is the industry's first platform for network automation and intelligence, integrating management, control, analysis, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions. As such, it effectively connects physical networks with business intentions.

In the northbound direction, NCE-IP implements centralized management, control, and analysis of global networks, enabling cloud-based resources, lifecycle network automation, and intelligent, closed-loop operations, all driven by data analytics for commercial and service intentions.

In the southbound direction, NCE-IP provides open network Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for rapid integration with Information Technology (IT) systems. It accelerates service transformation and innovation for enterprises by improving the simplicity, intelligence, openness, and security of networks.


Network Digital Map

• Massive amounts of data can be collected and processed in seconds, offering real-time visualization from the physical to the route layer and facilitating precise analysis of network issues.
• The entire network is displayed on a single map. This map possesses powerful topology display features, supports GIS map integration and offers infinite zoom by subnet.
• Over 20 path computation factors, including bandwidth, delay, packet loss rate. Service SLAs are satisfied by detecting network changes in real time and triggering path recomputation where appropriate.

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VPN Service Assurance

• IFIT enables real-time visualization of service faults. In addition, you can optimize service paths with a single click and access the optimization history.
• Usage scenarios:
When a VPN service experiences quality deterioration, the VPN Service Assurance feature diagnoses each hop of the service flow. By doing so, it pinpoints the root cause and swiftly demarcates and locates issues within minutes; In terms of routine O&M, it visualizes SLAs from various dimensions, proactively manages top N poor-quality private lines, and generates reports.

Digital Operations

Application Optimization

• Holographic traffic awareness, multidimensional traffic analysis, and one-click application acceleration enable refined management at the application level.
• Traffic profiles are periodically collected to analyze application characteristics and predict future traffic.
• VIP services are identified and redirected to tunnels or slices to ensure prioritized assurance, while regular services are rate-limited with a single click to reduce costs.

Simple Operation

Configuration Verification

• Operating on a simulation platform, this feature takes the original configurations and configuration changes as inputs to simulate routing protocols and traffic and evaluate risks. By doing so, it prevents incorrect configurations from infiltrating the live network.
• It covers 90% of network protocols and ensures 0 configuration error on the network.
• Route simulation results include routing blackholes, routing loops, and sudden surge/drop of routes. Traffic simulation results include traffic interruption, packet loss, and sudden surge/drop of traffic.


Items Features
Network Digital Map - Visualization capabilities Basic network management, inventory management, alarm management, NE management
Six-layer network visualization, GIS map, infinite zoom
Collection of network-wide traffic and quality data for intelligent big data analytics
Navigation-like, seconds-level service path computation, flexible combination of 20+ factors, online preview, one-click deployment
Presentation of device and network status from various dimensions such as overview, topology, map, and reports
Automatic service deployment IP service provisioning, 360-degree visibility into IP services
Visualized VPN service topology, paths, and status
Connectivity checks for links, tunnels, and VPN services
Service resource pool management, service template management
Service-driven tunnel creation, service bandwidth on demand (BoD), tunnel provisioning, tunnel policy control
Network slicing Slice lifecycle management
Automatic slice deployment, on-demand slicing, service-driven slice creation
Visualized slice O&M, one-click scaling, flexible bandwidth adjustment, efficient fault diagnosis
VPN service assurance IFIT-enabled real-time awareness of service quality
Quick identification of poor-quality services, automatic hop-by-hop IFIT detection, accurate restoration of service paths
Quick issue resolution via accurate demarcation and correlation between service SLAs and network KPIs
Optimal service quality guarantee through comprehensive service quality monitoring (network-wide, L2VPN, or L3VPN)
Network optimization MPLS network optimization
Global/Local path optimization for MPLS tunnels
Support for RSVP-TE/SR-TE/SR-MPLS Policy/SRv6 Policy
Efficient and accurate path computation based on constraints like delay, bandwidth, and packet loss rate; manual/automatic optimization
Application optimization Application traffic profile
Application path visualization
Visibility into unknown applications and abnormal flows
Application optimization, one-click rate limiting
Data redundancy elimination, benefit analysis
Configuration Verification Online high-precision simulation of configuration commands
Real-time display of route and traffic simulation results
Open APIs Service provisioning APIs, inventory management APIs, alarm management APIs, performance management APIs, network optimization APIs
High availability Cluster, DR
Service data consistency


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