HUAWEI IdeaHub Transforms Online Teaching at Escola Chinesa Internacional in Brazil


[Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 10, 2021] HUAWEI IdeaHub, Huawei’s new intelligent collaboration device, has helped facilitate the transformation of online teaching at Escola Chinesa Internacional in Brazil. The product, which combines functions such as an electronic whiteboard, interactive large screen, and HD video conferencing, helped the educational institution reduce the impact of distance education on learning, teaching, and research, and effectively deliver online courses amid lockdown restrictions.

After the pandemic forced lessons online, teachers of the Chinese, English, and Portuguese-speaking school struggled to effectively engage students through traditional digital tools. Limited sharing functions and small cameras made it challenging to display teaching materials and maintain students′ enthusiasm, and impossible to teach classes such as PE and dance.

A building of Escola Chinesa Internacional in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, now using HUAWEI IdeaHub for online teaching

Escola Chinesa Internacional in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With Huawei IdeaHub, Escola Chinesa Internacional has overcome these challenges and made its classes more interactive. The intelligent recognition function of the whiteboard now helps teachers write freely and neatly for students to see by identifying Chinese characters, letters, numbers, formulas, and mind maps, while third-party software enables them to send homework to students′ tablets from the IdeaHub and share students’ work through the wireless projection function.

Commenting on the impact of the product, President of Escola Chinesa Internacional in Brazil, Yuan Aiping, said, "Huawei IdeaHub makes classrooms smarter, providing a great space for teaching and boosting students' learning enthusiasm. More importantly, it breaks the geographical restrictions, so that more students can enjoy high-quality education resources."

The built-in meeting system of IdeaHub not only enables seamless remote teaching but also provides AI functions such as acoustic baffle to eliminate external noise. This, along with the precise sound pickup capability, improves course recordings.

In addition to regular teaching, Escola Chinesa Internacional organizes regular remote teaching seminars for its teachers in Brazil and China. In the past, teachers could only use computers to display PowerPoint slides. Now, the bidirectional collaboration function of IdeaHub allows teachers to write on the electronic whiteboard and communicate in real-time, improving the efficiency of seminars.

A photomontage of HUAWEI IdeaHub in the classrooms of Escola Chinesa Internacional in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Smart Teaching in Escola Chinesa Internacional

HUAWEI IdeaHub is an intelligent collaboration device that integrates multiple functions such as video conferencing, electronic whiteboard, and wireless projection. It provides an intelligent remote video and collaboration experience for healthcare, government, enterprise, and education teams, allowing team members in different regions to engage in immersive face-to-face communication and collaborate across physical distances.