• Arravo Innovates with the Help of Huawei's CloudCampus (MSP) Solution

    Arravo Innovates with the Help of Huawei's CloudCampus (MSP) Solution

Arravo is a leading provider of ICT, IoT, and AI services in Africa, currently converting from an integrator to a managed service provider (MSP). During its journey, Arravo has implemented Huawei's CloudCampus solution to build an on-premises MSP-facing cloud platform. This platform operates on a flexible 'leasable and sellable' model, enabling Arravo to generate continuous revenue for its customers. Furthermore, with the introduction of data security regulations in countries like Nigeria, traditional network as a service (NaaS) solutions often fall short in addressing issues surrounding geographical restrictions and license authorization. The deployment of this cloud platform has allowed Arravo to address customer concerns about data security and offer them better products and services.

Digital transformation is the key to modern enterprise development; it increases efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness.

Arravo has over 500 ICT experts and provides services like business consulting, risk management, cloudification and digital transformation, and ICT strategic planning and execution for customers across more than 300 industries. Its solutions cover cloud computing, communications, connectivity, security, IoT, and big data analytics.

华为CloudCampus (MSP)解决方案助力非洲Arravo为企业数字化转型保驾护航

Arravo discovered that many small and midsize customers didn’t have dedicated IT teams or independent network O&M. This undoubtedly hampered their digital transformation. The challenge, therefore, lay in how to provide agile network management and O&M services for small and midsize customers so that they could focus on core services.

Meanwhile, Internet usage across the entire African continent has increased significantly thanks to continued investment in local digital infrastructure and improved user access. This has made personal and private data more accessible, mobile, and processed, compelling many African countries to enact new data protection laws. For example, Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR) was brought into legislation in 2019 and acts as the country’s legal framework for data protection and management. The release of these regulations rendered multi-national public cloud network management solutions inapplicable to customers in industries such as public service, energy, and finance. This is why Arravo urgently needed to find a way to provide network hosting services for such customers without having to send data abroad.

Huawei's Digital Brain for Enterprise Networks Helps Arravo Serve Industry Customers at a Broader Scale

As mentioned, Arravo is currently shifting from purely an integrator into an MSP. However, existing traditional NaaS suffers from limited geographical deployment, inflexible license authorization, and the inability to define self-branded services based on the requirements of MSPs. As a result, Arravo has had a lot of trouble expanding its services.

After several months of market research and return on investment (ROI) analysis, Arravo finally chose Huawei's CloudCampus solution. This solution creates the basis for networks with ultra-fast access, simplified architecture, ultimate experience, and simplified O&M. Key components include the iMaster NCE-Campus controller, all-scenario Wi-Fi 6/7 APs, campus switches, routers, and firewalls.

In this solution, the iMaster NCE-Campus functions as the 'smart brain' and simplified O&M center of the campus network that remotely manages customer headquarters and branches. With the help of the network digital map, it detects the network’s status and quality in real time. The automatic generation and delivery of key application policies and unique interactive operations simplify network O&M. In addition, the iMaster NCE-Campus integrates cutting-edge technologies such as big data, AI, and software-defined networking (SDN). It features the converged management of wired and wireless networks, LAN-WAN (SD-LAN and SD-WAN), and authentication. Huawei provides differentiated network hosting services for various customers through the all-in-one platform, greatly reducing OPEX and meeting network requirements.

MSP Business Model with Reliable Support

Huawei's innovative MSP business model aligns perfectly with how Arravo envisions its MSP development.

Huawei iMaster NCE supports the MSP-owned cloud model which allows data to remain domestic. For enterprises and other customers, this alleviates concerns about data security. It also provides a flexible business model, in which this all-in-one platform is leasable and salable. In this context, Arravo can flexibly define sales packages based on its business objectives and provide network management and O&M services (NaaS) for enterprise customers. This helps foster customer loyalty and increase revenue.

The iMaster NCE is a network automation and intelligence system that integrates management, control, analysis, and AI functions. It effectively bridges physical networks and business intents. It enables cloud-based resource migration, full-lifecycle automation, and data analysis-driven intelligent fault remediation. Furthermore, the system provides a host of open network APIs to quickly integrate with other IT systems. It even centrally manages, controls, and analyzes global networks. iMaster NCE is mainly used in financial campuses, oil and gas office spaces, production scenarios, multi-branch enterprises, hotels, and education institutions. It makes networks simpler, smarter, more open, and more secure, and in doing so advances service transformation and innovation for carriers and enterprises.

Finally, iMaster NCE-Campus supports re-branding and login page customization which lends to comprehensive brand protection for Arravo. The organisation invested in the construction of the first iMaster NCE-Campus-based MSP cloud platform in Nigeria to ensure that its managed network services comply with NDPR, thereby creating a new business model. With flexible license authorization and continuous evolution, Arravo provides better and more competitive managed network services.

Working with Huawei to Create Better Products and Customer Service

华为CloudCampus (MSP)解决方案助力非洲Arravo为企业数字化转型保驾护航

The name Arravo has its roots in Latin and Italian. It is derived from words meaning to plough, to cut through, and to be tenacious. Over the past 15 years, Arravo has truly lived up to its name. CEO Ayo Adegboye summarized that "Our gaze remains on customers and their delight as we strive not to be excellent but exceptional."

Arravo has always put the needs and experiences of its customers first and foremost. This drives Arravo to seek innovative, effective, and future-ready solutions to strengthen and improve its customer business as well as provide increasingly simple, informative, and affordable solutions for Africa and even the whole world.

Today, Arravo has joined forces with Huawei to provide customers with the best network products and services based on its experience and portfolio of technology in the network service field. Arravo and Huawei will work together to promote the development and innovation of network technologies and jointly write a new chapter in global connectivity.

About Arravo: Prior to November 6, 2020, Arravo was known as BCX Nigeria, a subsidiary of the South African ICT firm Business Connexion PTY (BCX). Having been successful acquired by a group of Nigerian investors in 2020, Arravo is now a fully-fledged Nigerian-owned company committed to delivering future-oriented technologies.