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28 2023.02

Huawei Launches the Industry's First End-to-End OSU Product Portfolio, Building a Reliable Optical Communication Base for Industries

[Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2023] During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, Huawei launched the industry's first End-to-End Optical Service Unit (OSU) product portfolio running on the fifth-generation fixed network (F5G). The product portfolio builds a reliable optical communication base for industries such as energy and transportation.

28 2023.02

Huawei Hones Its Campus Portfolio Solutions for More Intelligent Campuses

[Barcelona, Spain, February 28, 2023] Huawei unveiled its upgraded campus portfolio solutions during Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2023 in Spain, helping customers across various industries build efficient, green, and convenient digital campuses.

27 2023.02

Huawei: Accelerate Change, Shaping Smarter Greener Finance Together

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2023] A financial industry forum titled "Accelerate Change, Shaping Smarter Greener Finance Together" is successfully held during the 2023 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2023). Global financial customers and partners gathered to discuss the acceleration of technology application and innovative improvement of productivity.

27 2023.02

Huawei Launches Inclusive Connectivity 2.0 Solution at MWC 2023, Promoting Equitable Access to Public Services

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2023] Huawei launched the Inclusive Connectivity 2.0 Solution at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023. The launch was part of the "Accelerating Digital Transformation of Public Services" session, a gathering of more than 150 public service experts from 20 countries. The session focused on the trends in the sector's digital transformation, looking at ways to promote economic and social development while improving the quality of life of citizens.

27 2023.02

Huawei Enterprise Service Ranks Among the Top 5 in two IDC MarketScapes Service

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2023] At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023, Huawei is showcasing its full-stack ICT services and capabilities that serve clients across their project lifecycles. Hua Shuang, Director, Service Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, delivered a keynote on Unleashing Digital Faster with 5D Services. Huawei's comprehensive digital service system helps its customers go digital efficiently.

27 2023.02

Lounea and Huawei Sign MoU at MWC 2023 to Expand 50G PON Cooperation

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2023] During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023 , Lounea and Huawei signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen partnership in 50G PON application in the next five years. The purpose of the cooperation is to provide Finnish consumers with 50G PON, laying a solid foundation for vibrant and smarter communities.

27 2023.02

Huawei Launches Smart Classroom 2.0 at MWC 2023

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2023] Huawei launched a next-gen smart classroom solution at the Education Forum, part of MWC 2023. The solution uses Wi-Fi 7 and intelligent edge devices to enable smart teaching practices through cloud-edge synergy. At this forum, Huawei also proposed to implement inclusive education resources, improve research capabilities, and optimize management through all-scenario education solutions, and eventually accelerate the digital upgrade of the education industry.

27 2023.02

Huawei Showcases Digital Twin Project for Tianjin Port at MWC 2023

[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2023] Huawei's Smart Road, Waterway, and Port BU showcased its latest Smart Road and Smart Port solutions at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023. 5G solutions were commercially deployed and have been operating for over a year at Tianjin Port. In fact, the 5G+ Smart Port Project won the Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy from GSMA at MWC 2022.

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