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    Commvault and Huawei: A Partnership Made in Data

The acceleration of data growth is framed by the uptake of global digital transformation programs; and the ongoing proliferation of cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies, and an increasingly crowded competitive landscape. In this changing environment, data has become the strategic asset for all enterprises.

Commvault is the recognized industry leader in data backup and recovery, and its latest range of converged, HyperScale, data management solutions redefine backup by allowing enterprises to better protect, manage, and use their most-critical of assets — their data. Huawei, the world’s leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure solution provider, recognizes its customer’s growing requirements to manage data across all environments.

Based on the expanding market demand for cloud-focused data management and protection solutions, Commvault and Huawei formed a partnership back in 2013. Over the last six years, this partnership has expanded it and now includes the Huawei All-in-One Backup Appliance (Commvault license embedded) for cloud-based data protection technologies & solution, and more recently, certified HyperScale reference architecture.

The initial collaboration combined Commvault software and Huawei’s OceanStor data storage system, and at the 2015 Huawei Cloud Computing Conference, both parties entered into a Global Cooperation Alliance Agreement to design an integrated data protection solution that used Commvault software and Huawei hardware.

In 2016, the partnership extended its cooperation by establishing a joint laboratory in Chengdu to engage in research and development of data backup, recovery, archiving, and cloud solutions based on their respective hardware and software technologies.

2017 saw the joint laboratory venture release the Hybrid Cloud Backup Solution that enabled enterprises to back up core data from private data centers to Huawei’s public cloud platform in an efficient and secure manner, allowing users to reduce the time investment traditionally associated with data backup and recovery.

At Huawei Connect 2018, Commvault and Huawei announced Huawei Data Protection with Commvault HyperScale, offering customers an integrated approach to hyper-converged data management and protection. Tightly integrating computing, storage, networking, virtualization, data backup and recovery, the solution provides full lifecycle data management, for hybrid environments, and helps customers achieve seamless data migration in a hybrid cloud environment — it also significantly reduces complexity, cost, and improves scalability and agility too.

From a product and technology perspective, Huawei provides the hardware while Commvault supplies the software. From the market coverage perspective, Huawei has clear advantages in the service provider space while Commvault has proven capabilities in enterprise data protection space, meaning the partnership delivers mutual benefits for both parties and their customers.

As a trusted global partner, Huawei is committed to collaborating with leading technology partners like Commvault to build and deliver end-to-end solutions for customers. This commitment is key to Huawei and Commvault’s continued partnership over the last six years, and as the true value and importance of data is now being recognized by organisations across the globe, our partnership with Commvault will only become more relevant and continue to grow from strength-to-strength.