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Vertical Solutions Roundup

Today, we can instantly connect with people across the globe, purchase products online, or check our bank balance at the click of a button, and Huawei is responsible for the delivery of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions that are solving the many unique problems of this rapidly changing world.

Keeping people safe is a priority for those who protect and serve. Using technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT)-based security protection, video cloud storage, and Big Data analytics, Huawei helps governments plan safer and smarter cities.

In Kenya, Huawei and the nation’s leading mobile network operator deployed Long-Term Evolution (eLTE) emergency communications networks in Nairobi and surrounding suburbs to help control security threats against the nation’s natural resources. Field officers can now upload on-site High-Definition (HD) videos that stream to large screens in the command center simply by pressing a button on their handheld trunking devices. The command center sends the videos to police cars with vehicle-mounted trunking terminals, implementing visual command and collaboration.

Huawei’s ‘better connected grid’ concept helps keep Internet companies competitive with connectivity for intelligent IoT terminals and cloud-based, open architectures. The emergence of eLearning and other IT technologies and applications are redefining higher education and are bound to promote changes to teaching models, learning methods, and education management.

In Russia, Huawei’s data center solution was implemented to help set up the country’s payment system for processing credit card and ATM transactions across the nation. Huawei helps banks become digitalized to provide ‘anytime, anywhere’ financial services. Banks can offer financial products to the market quickly through data-driven requirement mining and product design, smart terminals, and remote banking.

And, ushering in the “4K” era, Huawei has partnered with Sony to build competitive TV and media industry solutions and to assist stations in their move to an all-IP environment.

Yes the world is changing, and in whichever direction it goes, Huawei will be there to meet it.

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