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    ACSL’s Global Partner Alliance Powers Connectivity Worldwide

Allied Computing Services Limited (ACSL) is a global service management company that provides end-to-end solutions uniquely tailored to customers’ needs. To accomplish that mission, we maintain a network of in-country partners with local experience in delivering vendors’ brand services and operational services.

Our network is also the basis for our greatest strength: connectivity. We know that communication and access to data are key factors that facilitate the continued growth of resellers, distributors, vendors, and customers in all parts of the world.

This is why we partner with Huawei.

Huawei Partnership Drives New Momentum for ACSL

We began collaborating with Huawei in early 2019. We were tasked with deploying an international project for one of our customers — a major automobile manufacturer. The customer initially entrusted us with a Multinational Corporation (MNC) project with international scope that began in South Korea.

We set out to fulfill the initial scope of the project, which the customer shared with our sales team in December 2018. The project was a success, so we then developed an international fulfillment program for Huawei MNC customer projects.

By using the ACSL global access portal as a central procurement platform, and initiating contact between Huawei and ACSL, one of our partner alliance members was able to support a large product and service deployment to the HQ of a customer in Asia Pacific that had sites in South Korea, Singapore, and Indonesia.

While the customer team considered the hardware for procurement, our partner used the ACSL portal so the equipment would arrive without any concerns and could be easily installed at the customer site. This was made possible by Huawei and ACSL working together to align and quickly onboard a Huawei-preferred supplier for the partner’s target region.

The ACSL Global Access Platform is versatile, allowing our online support team for users to coordinate with Huawei and ensure a full alignment of the local procurement channel, by expanding the range of partners. This was critical because of the specific skillset and vendor accreditations needed to successfully deploy the full-service solution that the customer required for its infrastructure.

Using the portal’s order management processes and tools, the lead reseller in this project was able to supervise implementation without dedicating vast resources for the international implementation. This part of the project relied on the capabilities of ACSL, Huawei, and local fulfillment channel partners in each country to adapt to processes so that all necessary information could be captured through the central procurement tool.

With this initial setup stage completed using the local team’s knowledge and hardware, service deployment was rolled out without the challenges you would normally see in international deployment.

Partnership Develops with International Deployments

When the initial project was completed, we worked with Huawei to pilot and deploy three additional international deployment projects — for customers in the banking, automotive, and telecom industries. In total, these projects involved collaboration across eight countries, and involved lead account managing teams working with Huawei’s regional offices to secure the customer business, while support teams for Huawei projects collaborated with regional partners (specifically engaged on a project basis) to jointly deliver end-results.

As with the project that launched our cooperation with Huawei, the next series of projects involved both a hardware component — which was deployed in customer sites spread across Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Eastern Europe — as well as a service component, to be supported by accredited Huawei partners in each country.

Lead account teams from headquarter countries coordinated with and obtained information from local channel teams, facilitating on-site delivery and installation, and providing a clear view of delivery progress for the team supporting the customer.

Though the relationship between ACSL and Huawei is still in its initial stages, our teams have been working closely together to develop the process knowledge necessary to create a successful vendor-led program, focused on international customer requirements.

As our teams have moved forward with collaboration, we have worked with Huawei to evaluate the full range of benefits the Global Access portal can provide to existing Huawei resellers, determine the optimal accreditation level necessary across various regions worldwide where enterprise solutions are expected to be deployed, and begin a project to optimize coverage in terms of the solutions we can provide and the territories they can be deployed in.

We also signed a global cooperation agreement with Huawei on September 18, 2019, at HUAWEI CONNECT, jointly committing to use our strengths in terms of competencies and capabilities to satisfy the project requirements of international partners and customers.

For example, Huawei’s business covers a broad range of territory, and it has a large customer base with many local partners. However, Huawei lacks a satisfactory MNC business procurement process and platform. By combining our expertise in facilitating a global procurement platform with Huawei’s global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions, we aim to provide a truly seamless international enterprise MNC procurement process.

The global cooperation agreement is a major step in our commitment to develop a smart and efficient solution to provide consistent support on multinational ICT rollouts. Our goal is to work together and address the challenges that our customers and partners encounter in the global deployment of ICT equipment and services.

Huawei Enterprise Business Group Vice President Ma Yue met with our CEO, Wendi Hendrickx. They agreed that our teams will work together to shape the fulfillment partner network, to meet the expectations for performance standards of multinational corporation customers and international partners.

The Huawei MNC headquarters and ACSL vendor desk teams are now developing an action plan. The plan will improve support coverage capabilities beyond the existing scope possible through our partner alliance network and Huawei’s enterprise solution channels.

The current stage of the plan focuses on establishing the best fulfillment partner and supply channel matches in all territories that Huawei supports. We want to ensure that, as our relationship develops, we can meet the full range of requirements — regardless of whether the project entails hardware procurement, service deployment, or both.

Moving Toward a More Streamlined Solution

Our goal for the immediate future is to identify the best matches in terms of channel fulfillment partners across all regions in which Huawei’s enterprise solutions can be deployed. We will then incorporate them into our partner network. By consolidating the channel experience accumulated from across ACSL’s and Huawei’s channel teams, we will collaborate with Huawei’s distributors, Value-Added Partners (VAPs), and fulfillment partners across the world.

Together, we will ensure coverage of all the solutions a customer may require and that can be feasibly deployed worldwide as a corporate standard. With our international partners, we look forward to a successful 2020, implementing new MNC opportunities. Any major steps toward making this possible will be taken, as always, with our partners.

Working toward that aim, Huawei has been instrumental in organizing introductions and helping us to establish new relationships with key fulfillment companies in the Huawei ecosystem. Initially focusing on sales and solution partners, we are looking at eventually expanding our range of collaborations to include all levels of Huawei partner roles.

Alongside mapping the Huawei-ACSL partner network and developing its reach, our teams are working on fulfillment processes. In collaboration with Huawei Regional Channel and the Huawei enterprise MNC HQ teams, the ACSL Intel Desk team is working to align with highly accredited Huawei reseller partners across all regions.

Moving forward — toward a more streamlined solution — Huawei and ACSL aim to offer a straightforward project implementation and deployment path. Through new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and reporting tools that best reflect the needs of our partners and the expanding market, we intend to maintain industry-leading international procurement through Global Access. This is a goal that we will continue pursuing, expand on, and bring to our relationship program with Huawei and its reseller partners for ICT solutions, based on our continued experience with all ACSL vendors and fulfillment partners.

Partners across the world will be able to engage in international projects and benefit from the experience and expertise of Huawei, ACSL, and the entire partner alliance network. With support from Huawei and ACSL’s channel teams, they will be able to manage project deployments for their customers across multiple fulfillment partners and time zones, all connected through a single platform.