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    Intelligent Cloud-Network

    Accelerating Industry Digital Transformation

Why Do We Need Intelligent Cloud-Networks?

The cloud has enabled computing power and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to serve as inclusive technologies through online public services, becoming the foundation for the digital transformation of society, according to consulting firm Deloitte's Enterprise Cloud Adoption Best Practice - All in Cloud white paper. In short, cloudification is no longer optional, but imperative for digital development.

As digital development continues to accelerate worldwide, cloudification across industries has also advanced substantially. Enterprises can't afford to question whether they need cloudification any longer. According to IDC — a global market intelligence firm — 80% of enterprises will accelerate their cloud migration by the end of 2021, with multi-cloud access — including public, private, and hybrid clouds — becoming the preferred choice. Enterprises will migrate their core services to the private cloud and office services to the public cloud. Meanwhile, customers will have access to an increasing number of digital services through the cloud.

Faster cloudification
is inevitable


of enterprises will speed up cloud migration by the end of 2021*


Multi-cloud access
is preferred


of enterprises have adopted or formulated hybrid multi-cloud development strategies*


Cloud services
are ubiquitous


of enterprises will build new digital services using public clouds and internal Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) by 2023*


Traditionally, the cloud and network operate independently. But today, cloud-network integration is gaining prominence, giving rise to four main challenges:

Fast cloud, slow network

Fast cloud,
slow network

Isolated clouds and networks, slow provisioning.

Cloud deployment
in minutes
vs. Network deployment
in months
Difficult experience guarantee

experience guarantee

Quality of Service (QoS)-based Service Level Agreement (SLA) assurance.

Office Automation (OA) system cloudification vs. Production system cloudification
Challenging network O&M

network O&M

Invisible networks, manual Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

Connecting people vs. Connecting everything
Difficult security protection

Poor security

Lack of cloud-network-security collaboration.

Border-confined networks vs. Border-free networks

In this context, enterprises need to build high-quality cloud-networks to deliver computing power and intelligence. Cloud-network integration enables access to the cloud as soon as the network is deployed, unleashing the power of digitalization for every industry.

What Is an Intelligent Cloud-Network?

Just as the power grid supplied electricity to every household — bringing about the Second Industrial Revolution — the intelligent cloud-network will create new momentum for the digital economy by delivering computing power and intelligence to every industry, improving production efficiency for enterprises. The intelligent cloud-network has three unique features:

Network digitalization: By detecting the network status through digital methods, the entire network's status can be recreated in the digital world for abstract modelling, with unified storage on the cloud. This will enable unified network management on the cloud with real-time visualization of the network status.

Network intelligence: After network digitalization is implemented, new technologies such as AI and big data can be introduced to boost cloud-network intelligence. The result? Intelligent balancing and scheduling of network and cloud resources, intelligent network O&M, significantly increased troubleshooting efficiency, and intelligent security defense for comprehensively improved security protection.

Network as a Service (NaaS): Network service subscriptions can be completed with just one click, improving the network response efficiency and matching the agility of the cloud. Business requirements can be met by implementing open network programming and more flexible interconnection with cloud offerings. More secure cloud-network services can be provided through cloud-network-security collaboration.

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