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Why Do Enterprises Need ADN?

A circular framed image of a corridor in a data center with racks on either side in white cupboards

From the Office to the Production Line:

Networks connect applications and devices.

A robotic hand and a human hand touching fingers with a bright light at their meeting point, representing Huawei AI

From the Campus to the Data Center:

Borders are gradually eliminated.

Two hands holding up a globe in the middle of a network with a bright light shining from behind

From Static to Dynamic:

Networks evolve through applications.

Three Major Breakthroughs

Understanding Intent

Machines Replace Humans  
for Deeper Understanding of 
Service Intents and Objectives

Based on Deep Learning (DL) of networks and service models, enabling the optimization of networks and parameters.

Digital Simulation

Data Computing  
Compensates for Human 
"Knowledge Gaps"

Based on network calculus and formal verification, realizing simulation verification prior to the physical world.

Intelligent Decision-Making

Breaks through the Limits of Human
Intelligence to Realize Dynamic
Decision-Making for 
Large-Scale Networks

Based on knowledge graphs and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, enabling fault inference and closed-loop decision-making.

What Is ADN?

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), an Autonomous Driving Network (ADN) facilitates the constant innovation of network architecture based on knowledge and data, breaking the limits of manual processing. In addition to helping Operations and Maintenance (O&M) personnel better understand service intents and objectives through DL, ADN uses data computing to bypass "knowledge gaps," with ceaseless ML breaking the limits of what manual, experience-based decision-making can achieve. As a result, networks can become self-organizing, self-healing, self-optimizing, and autonomous, bringing intelligent connectivity within reach for enterprises and accelerating the digital transformation of industry.

A circular graphic that shows how AI applies to clouds, networks, and NEs, supporting self-optimization and healing

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