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    5G Compact Private
    Core Network Solution

    Small-sized integrated 5G core networks


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5G Compact Private Core Network Solution

The 5G Small Enterprise Core Network Solution is a lightweight core network product launched by Huawei, which pacts 4G/5G core NEs into a 2U/4U box, achieving easy O&M and sparing customers from the time and expense of deploying conventional large core networks. It also helps government and industry customers in sectors as diverse as transportation, electric power, and manufacturing quickly deploy campus networks, meeting data isolation requirements while slashing network deployment and O&M costs.


High Integration

Small size and high integration

• Smallest size in the industry, but does not compromise service processing capabilities based on 2U/4U hardware
• 4G/5G core NEs are integrated to support a throughput of up to 50 Gbps

ZTP and Configuration

Fast deployment and easy O&M

• Switch-free networking and wizard-based configuration guide allow for device provisioning within 2 hours
• Local and remote O&M reduces O&M costs by 50%

0190 business function rich

Unified service management from a single box

• 4G, 5G NSA, and 5G SA UEs can access the network
• Services like voice trunking, VoLTE, and VoNR are supported


5g small enterprise core network architecture en

5G private network manufacturing factory scenario

Scenarios: In manufacturing, terminals like industrial cameras and robotic arms access the campus 5G core network through base stations to ensure low-latency and high-bandwidth data upload and control signal exchange.

5G private network mining area scenario

Scenarios: In mining, onsite HD panoramic cameras and HD cameras on excavators and drilling rigs are connected to the campus's 5G core network via 5G APs. Data is uploaded to the remote dispatching center for video viewing and precise remote control.


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