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    Intelligent Highway All-Optical Communication Solution

    Lay the network foundation for high security, high reliability, high bandwidth, and easy O&M.


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Networks for the Intelligent Highways

As highway services evolve, roadside communication networks need to change too. But how?

The increasing number of video monitoring sites being deployed along roadways, allied to the switch from Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD) videos, means that highway bandwidth needs are now much higher. But the security of core services on communication networks — such as digital toll collection — can never be compromised. And, with heavy usage as traffic flows swell, fiber faults need to be easier to locate, to cut down maintenance costs. What's to be done?

Huawei's All-Optical Communication Network Solution effectively addresses such challenges, delivering high bandwidth, with Optical Transport Network (OTN) devices at the transmission layer fully compatible with existing Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) devices, ensuring smooth bandwidth expansion and evolution without the need to modify existing underlying fiber infrastructure. In addition, the solution provides any number of nodes at 10G to 100G — often expressed as N x (10G to 100G) — easily covering the bandwidth needs of highway services.

The solution also delivers the high security and reliability that's now non-negotiable, using the hard pipe technology to provide physical isolation, ensuring that toll collection, monitoring, and office services are securely transmitted over a single network. And on the roadside access network, the hand-in-hand ring network formed by industrial Optical Network Units (ONUs) provides End to End (E2E) dual-link protection against network storms and multi-point failures, delivering highly reliable access.

Plus, the solution simplifies Operations and Maintenance (O&M), with a built-in intelligent fiber diagnosis board enabling minute-level fault demarcation and meter-level fault locating, slashing onsite maintenance times by as much as 90%.

Gain the Edge

Security Integration

High Security and Reliability

• Optical hard pipe technology results in zero blocking and zero crosstalk.
• A lossless Fiber To The Machine (FTTM) industrial optical network and Automatically Switched Optical Network(ASON) multi-path protection ensure zero service interruptions.

Transmission Optimization

High Bandwidth

• Optical hard pipes support step-less rate adjustment from 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s, with a single-wavelength up to 400/800 Gbit/s — this is ultra-broadband.
• Convergence of standards — of Pulse-Code Modulation (PCM), Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy (PDH), SDH, Packet (PKT), Optical Transport Network (OTN)— unifies the bearing of multiple services.

Active Tuning

Easy O&M

• Intelligent, visualized O&M delivers one alarm per fault.
• Minute-level fault demarcation and meter-level fault locating, reduce onsite maintenance times by 90%.


A robust communications network acts as the backbone of smart highways, providing essential network connectivity infrastructure. A Fifth Generation Fixed Network (F5G) all-optical network lays this foundation. Reliably carrying multiple services over a single network, it's central to the modernization of roadway management and the promotion of high-quality highway development.


National Backbone Transmission Network

An OTN network with any number of 100G nodes — sometimes expressed as N x 100G — transmits data between provincial networking centers and a national-level cloud platform, using ASON to improve network survivability.

Provincial Backbone Transmission Network

N x 100G OTN networking provides large capacity service grooming, transmitting data between road section centers and a provincial networking center, using ASON to improve network survivability.

Road Section Transmission Network

N x (10G/100G) OTN networking supports the flexible access of toll stations and implements high bandwidth reliable transmission between toll stations and road section centers.

Roadside Access Network

Industrial optical networks provide access to production services, from toll stations and tunnels to roadside video backhaul services.



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