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    Intelligent IP Backbone Network Solution for Rail Transit


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Intelligent IP Backbone Network Solution for Rail Transit

As digital transformation gains momentum in the transportation industry, large-scale video networking, HD surveillance, real-time scheduling and decision-making, and more pose higher requirements on network security and reliability, driving the transportation production network to evolve to a converged and secure system. This solution helps build a secure, reliable, intelligent, and agile converged transport production network for the transportation industry. It uses FlexE slicing to ensure 5G-R production services, SRv6 to support flexible transport and elastic deployment of office services, and iMaster NCE + IFIT-based big data mining to provide proactive O&M, improving transportation security, efficiency, and experience.


optimize business experience

10GE Station, Super 10GE Experience

• SRv6-based refined management, specific to the load of each link
• Service-based intelligent path adjustment, more than 10 Gbps bandwidth actually experienced
• Transmission of services such as video conferencing over network slices, zero service interference

Cut Costs

Legacy Network Reuse, Reduced Investments

• Live-network devices sorted out for software upgrade
• Live network boards sorted out for capacity expansion and replacement
• Upgrade- and capacity expansion-incapable devices are used as CEs

Easy and Intelligent O&M

• NCE-IP integrates network management, network control, and network analysis capabilities
• No additional investments are required to develop third-party network analysis software, reducing O&M costs


Converged Transport Network for the Rail Industry: Ensuring Network Security, Stability, Intelligence, and Agility.

Intelligent IP Backbone Network Solution for Rail Transit Architecture

• Network slicing, one network for all, secure isolated

• SRv6-based minute-level service provisioning

• Intelligent O&M, visualized and manageable service quality