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  • Huawei OptiXsense EF3000 pc

    Huawei OptiXsense EF3000-A50
    Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor

    Reinforcing pipeline safety through unmanned, intelligent inspection.


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Huawei OptiXsense EF3000

Huawei OptiXsense EF3000-A50 Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor

Huawei OptiXsense EF3000-A50 is mainly used to inspect buried pipelines. When there are mechanical or manual excavations nearby or above a pipeline, a monitoring optical fiber is deployed above the pipeline to sense vibrations and transmit vibration waves to the fiber sensing device.

In the case of an unexpected event, the device quickly analyzes the vibration waveform information, identifies the event type, accurately pinpoints its location, and then reports the alarm accordingly. This inspection process facilitates online, real-time monitoring and safety warning of the entire pipeline, as well as providing a solution purpose-designed for the unmanned inspection of pipelines.

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Zero Alarms Missed

The enhanced-Optical Digital Signal Processing (e-ODSP) module has a powerful algorithm that corrects blind spot errors, raising the effective signal collection rate to 99.9%

Accurate Recognition

A multi-dimensional vibration analysis algorithm raises recognition accuracy to 97%, slashing the rate of false alarms

Long-Distance Coverage

100 km Dual-Channel Sensing

Featuring a proprietary, high-power, high-performance module, with a span loss tolerance of greater than 14 dB, plus a proprietary enhanced phase demodulation algorithm, doubling Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) performance


Parameters Huawei OptiXsense EF3000-A50
Dimensions (H x W x D) 88.1 x 442 x 220 mm
Number of Channels 2
Maximum Single-Channel Measurement Distance 50 km
Positioning Accuracy ±10 m
Effective Alarm Rate 97%
Missing Report No missing report
Alarm Response Time ≤ 60s
Sampling Accuracy 1.276 m
Frequency Response Range 1 kHz
Installation Mode Installed in a 19-inch cabinet
Power Supply AC 220 V/110 V
Typical Power Consumption 80 W