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Huawei: Technology Plays a Vital Role in Creating a Greener World


[Jakarta, 29 November 2022] – Digital technology plays an important role in supporting the power generation,  supply, transmission, and consumption of greener, safer, and more economical electricity. Digital transformation can help Indonesia achieve zero carbon emissions by 2060. This confidence was echoed during the opening ceremony of the commemoration of Indonesia's 77th National Electricity Day, which carries the theme: 'Post G20 Summit: Energy Transition Road Map to Achieve Net Zero Emission 2060.’

The conference that runs from November 29-30, 2022, is  organized by the Indonesian Electricity Society (MKI).  The Summit was opened by Arifin Tasrif, Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) of the Republic of Indonesia, who delivered his online remarks. Key government and industry stakeholders attended the Summit, including Dr. Ir. Dadan Kusdiana, M.Sc. Director General of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) and Acting Director General for Electricity, ESDM, Jacky Chen, CEO of Huawei Indonesia, Darmawan Prasodjo, President Director of the state electricity company, PLN, and Nicke Widyawati, President Director of the state oil and gas company, Pertamina, and a number of executives from major players in the industry in Indonesia.

In his keynote speech, Jacky Chen, CEO of Huawei Indonesia, asserted that as a leading global ICT provider with heavy investments in research and development, Huawei has many technology solutions and use cases to help Indonesia achieve its net-zero emissions goal. 

“Digital technology cannot directly solve the theoretical problem of achieving global net zero emissions, but it can contribute unique value in achieving this goal, helping to find the optimal solution in the triangle of energy economy, greenness, and security. Huawei's successful practices in improving efficiency, security, and user experience in the energy and power industries demonstrate this," said Jacky Chen. 

Evy Haryadi, Chairperson of the Indonesian Electricity Society appreciated the participation of stakeholders and the electricity community, including Huawei, in ‘The 77th Indonesia National Electricity Day Event Series 2022’ conference. Participants are able to share expertise, experience and all knowledge in supporting the development of electric power and providing the latest information regarding the latest technology.

The development of the Huawei Energy T-Cube transformation is a model of zero carbon transformation, energy transformation and digital transformation that can help Indonesia achieve zero carbon emissions by 2060. Huawei has been collaborating with strategic partners and stakeholders in the renewable energy ecosystem to encourage cooperation to drive the pace of Indonesia's green energy transformation. 

Huawei is a leading renewable energy solution provider, focus on Smart PV inverter and Battery storage system.. Energy storage technology is the key for renewable energy to become the main energy source to resolve the intermittency and stabilize the grid, particularly since the total capacity of solar power will reach 8,510 GW in 2050. Yoga Bagus Wicaksono, Senior Solution Manager of Indonesia Digital Power Business Group, conveyed the various benefits of this energy storage technology.

"Energy storage can be used to implement frequency regulation, voltage support, and peak load regulation during power generation, transmission and distribution. Energy storage can also be used to reserve power for power outages, overcome transmission congestion, minimize the need for capacity expansion of power transmission and distribution networks, and serves as an emergency power source for the substation. Huawei's solution for energy storage supports these benefits," said Yoga.

The importance of digital transformation of the power industry to trigger low-carbon transformation was conveyed by Edwin Diender, Chief Innovation Officer of Electric Power Digitalization BU, Huawei Enterprise Business Group.

"Digital transformation of the power industry is an important engine for fueling the low-carbon transformation of the power industry. Huawei has gathered professionals to set up an electric power digitalization business unit, work with ecosystem partners to find technologies for industry scenarios. We will continuously draw from the successful experience we have gained both in China and other countries to serve electric power customers in Indonesia and improve the efficiency, security and experience in various sectors including power generation, transmission and transformation, distribution and consumption," said Edwin Diender.