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    Huawei Builds Digital, Interactive, Collaborative, and Intelligent Classrooms to Offer More Engaging Learning Experience

Huawei's smart classroom solution uses IdeaHub, an interactive large screen, to provide a user-friendly and intelligent interactive space for teaching activities, enabling personalized, open, and ubiquitous learning.
Li Guangming
Marketing Director of Huawei Intelligent Collaboration Domain
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To promote personalized, open, and ubiquitous learning, Huawei utilizes IdeaHub to develop a smart classroom solution. Huawei aims to use this tool to realize digital, interactive, collaborative, and intelligent teaching and learning.

Nations around the world are emphasizing digital development and transformation to make education more intelligent. The way we think about education is changing; we are amidst a movement advocating for personalized, learner-first education. This has naturally led to the digital classroom being in the spotlight.

Digital Transformation of Education Stimulates Smart Classroom Construction

In the era of the Internet, traditional classrooms simply are not equipped to keep up with modern teaching materials, nor can they adapt to new models of smart education. Dusty chalkboards, tedious lecturing, and one fixed location for lessons only hinder students and teachers alike, and suffer from the following issues:

Tedious teaching content: Teaching is left to the teachers, who get to decide the entire contents of a lesson. Students don't have much space for participation, which makes it difficult to stimulate interest and initiative when it comes to their learning.

Poor interaction: Students only passively receive knowledge, and there is little interaction between teachers and students.

Poor teaching results: Teachers cannot take care of each individual student's learning progress. Students are unlikely to master a great deal of knowledge in a short period of time.

Uneven allocation of resources: Traditional classroom teaching resources are allocated differently, and education resources are unbalanced across different schools and regions.

IdeaHub Builds a Flexible and Interactive Smart Classroom

As traditional modes of teaching pass on the baton to the next generation, smart classrooms have emerged to integrate various resources and multiple teaching tools for a high-quality learning experience. Huawei's smart classroom solution uses IdeaHub, an interactive large screen, to provide a user-friendly and intelligent space for teaching activities, enabling personalized, open, and ubiquitous learning. IdeaHub utilizes hardware and software fashioned for the classroom including HD video conferencing, distributed conferencing, P2P projection, smart multi-window, smart whiteboard, collaborative projection, and multimedia to make lessons engaging for students.

Digital teaching and learning

IdeaHub is equipped with an electronic whiteboard that has 25-ms ultra-low writing latency. It offers a variety of multimedia functions, for example, students can save class notes conveniently by scanning the QR code on the screen, and teachers can play videos and show pictures. These multimedia tools explain concepts more vividly and across more learning styles, leading to much better comprehension in students.

Interactive teaching and learning

Traditional lecturing is one-way and lacks interaction between teachers and students. With the interactive teaching function, IdeaHub enables students to participate in the class more proactively. They can use the interaction function on the screen to answer questions raised by teachers or hold group discussions, facilitating a raised interest in learning.

Collaborative teaching and learning

IdeaHub serves as a collaborative learning tool to help students better complete various group tasks. For example, students can use the multi-touch function to edit documents while also drawing pictures on the screen to include multiple students at once. This collaborative learning mode promotes communication and cooperation between students, which helps them complete tasks faster and work together better.

Intelligent teaching and learning

IdeaHub also provides intelligent evaluation functions. For example, exam software can be used for classroom tests and quizzes so that teachers can gauge how students are doing and flexibly adjust lessons to fit student needs.

Mustaqbal University in Saudi Arabia Moves Towards Digital Transformation

Mustaqbal University is a well-known private university in Saudi Arabia. It has long touted infrastructure construction as the key to improving the quality of education in order to better serve teachers and students.

Wanting to upgrade its traditional ICT facilities, the university selected Huawei's smart classroom solution that supports online and offline hybrid learning to meet its digital upgrade requirements. With this solution, Mustaqbal University has become the first university in Saudi Arabia and even the Middle East to fully adopt end-to-end smart classrooms. IdeaHub allows users to easily project presentations from a computer, mobile phone, or other terminal devices. IdeaHub's reverse control technology can be used to change slides and interact with the presentation. In addition, students and teachers can join classes remotely through clients regardless of their location.

The smart classroom solution also serves as a bridge between new and experienced teachers, helping new teachers quickly improve their teaching methods and skills.

With IdeaHub's interactive whiteboard, comments can be made during instruction and the notes recorded during discussion can be easily shared by email or through scanning the QR code.

In the midst of the digital wave, Mustaqbal University has taken a crucial step towards digital transformation. It is committed to becoming a pioneer in the digital transformation of universities and is expected to transform into a leading education institution that serves emerging talent for generations to come.