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    CloudFabric 3.0 Hyper-Converged Data Center Network

    Industry’s first L3.5 Autonomous Driving Network that Tolly has ever evaluated.

Verified by the Tolly Group —
A Leading Global Third-Party Certification Provider

A bar graph from the Tolly Group with autonomous driving network level on the Y axis and lifecycles on the X axis

*This chart has been created using information published by the Tolly Group.

Three Characteristics of Next Generation Hyper-Converged DCNs

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    Lossless Ethernet

    Zero packet loss for local and long-distance transmission.

    Convergence of computing and storage networks.

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    Full Lifecycle Automation

    Automation of planning, construction, maintenance, and optimization.

    Intent-driven networking, enabling network servitization.

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    Network-Wide Intelligent O&M

    Network-wide intelligent Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of devices, interfaces, and optical modules.

    Predictive and proactive maintenance, ensuring zero service interruption.

Three Differentiators of the Autonomous Driving Network for Data Centers

  • Rapid network deployment enables service provisioning in just 5 minutes

    Typical service provisioning is accelerated from 3–5 days to within 5 minutes, thereby rapidly responding to service requirements. This is made possible by taking users' service intents as input and performing 3D modeling and parallel evaluation with an intelligent network recommendation algorithm.

  • Simulation and verification ensure 100% configuration accuracy

    Network configuration is 100% accurate by pre-verifying resource satisfaction and network connectivity through 3D models and formal verification algorithms on a high-precision and dynamic digital twin environment of the live network.

  • "1-3-5" intelligent O&M guarantees 24/7 always-on services

    75 typical faults spanning 7 categories can be detected in 1 minute, located in 3 minutes, and rectified in 5 minutes. This results from knowledge graphs and fault inference algorithms that enable efficient modeling, analysis, and root-cause locating of 1000+ network objects.