Huawei Releases New Base Stations for FRMCS to Accelerate Intelligence in the Global Railway Industry


[Kuching, Malaysia, October 6, 2023] Huawei Railway Wireless Technology Summit was successfully held during the 2023 World Congress on Innovation & Technology (WCIT). At the conference, Duan Hao, President of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Network Product Line, officially launched a new base station based on the next-generation railway mobile communications standard and released a white paper on Huawei's future railway mobile communications system(FRMCS), helping customers in the global transportation industry accelerate digital transformation. Customers in Malaysia's transportation industry shared the key value that the next generation of railway communications systems can bring.

Duan Hao, President of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Product Line, launched New Base Stations for FRMCS

Duan Hao, President of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Product Line, launched New Base Stations for FRMCS

Accelerating the digitalization of railways and improving railway capacity and efficiency are the current development trend of the global railway industry. To meet the long-life cycle and increasing digital requirements of railways, the future railway mobile communication system (FRMCS) based on the 3GPP standard is developed as the successor of GSM-R.

Duan Hao, President of Huawei Enterprise Wireless Product Line, said, "We have always attached great importance to customer requirements. We have been deeply involved in customer service scenarios, designed top-level solutions, and better matched mobile communications technologies to meet scenario requirements. This release is the industry's first 1.9 GHz RRU that complies with the FRMCS standard. It adopts the 8T8R MIMO technology to greatly improve the coverage capability, support the rapid commercial use of FRMCS for industry customers, ensure network stability and reliability, safeguard railway security, and protect customers' investment."

Huawei is ready to work with industry customers to build a next-generation railway wireless communication network that features high bandwidth、low latency、 high security, high reliability and future-oriented smooth evolution to protect key services in the railway industry and promote FRMCS to become the next successful train-to-ground wireless communication solution worldwide.

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