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    Huawei ASON enables a highly resilient and scalable network for FiberStar

Established in 2014, FiberStar has grown to be nationwide infrastructure service provider. Fiber Optic is the backbone for future digitalization where this media has a constant higher speed, high level of security, wide coverage and capacity of data transmission much larger when compared to existing technologies. As an Infrastructure Service Provider, FiberStar adopts net neutrality and technology that can facilitate business model integration among any Internet Service Provider, Pay TV Provider, and Cellular Telecommunication Provider in Indonesia.

Key Challenges

The terrestrial cable is prone to experience multiple fiber cuts on multiple segments and this is the major contributor to network downtime from FiberStar’s previous experience of maintaining the network. This fiber cable will function as a pipe to connect the most prosperous cities in the country which also functions as the commercial hub for various domestic and international companies. Two of the most important cities or financial hubs in the Java Island have many intertwined traffics but they are approximately 1000km apart and this becomes a challenge in terms of providing a robust and high network availability. In order to create a high value leased line with high availability, and to create a differentiation, another network improvement was needed.

The backbone was first deployed with main and diversity path protection in 1+1 standby. As the market matures and grow in importance; the traditional protection would no longer be able to fulfill the expectations and the network stability or availability would come under more stringent requirements.

Huawei Solution

It was at that juncture that Huawei discussed on the possibility of the ASON protection to be added on OptiX OSN 9800 DWDM backbone/Metro network that has been established. The highest level Diamond Permanent 1+1 ASON Protection was selected among 5 different SLA of the ASON framework. The service rerouting will automatically be established whenever there is a possible fiber route that can be utilized in order to achieve service restoration within 50ms.

Although ASON is not a newly introduced concept among all of the WDM vendors, Huawei has the largest track record of mature ASON deployment at approximately 350 separate cases and counting. This is added with the fact that Huawei is also the largest patent holder of this crucial technology in ITU-T and could simulate for this feature with mature planning tools that has a high level of accuracy.

Customer Benefits
After several detailed discussion about the different network improvements that could be introduced; FiberStar and Huawei jointly agreed to deploy Optical Layer ASON. 

It became abundantly clear that this option of robust protection would only utilize a few additional boards and licenses. Some of the identified benefits would include:

  1. I) Provide new SLAs & improve resource utilization.
  2. II) Provide highly reliability to defend against unexpected fiber cuts. Within a full mesh network, availability can be increased to approximately 99.999% and switchover time to be <50ms.
  3. III) Highly scalable for backbone & metro networks
  4. IV) Simplify O&M and reduce OPEX
Future Prospect

Optical Layer ASON will become a de facto standard on the backbone level for future expansion as it is also very much aligned to the original strategy of the target WDM network architecture that is desirable to FiberStar.

FiberStar’s network stability that is secured by ASON will bring much added confidence and market differentiation for a high quality leased line service for their potential customers.

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