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    OceanDisk 1500/1600

    Industry's First-Ever Smart Disk Enclosure Oriented to the Diskless Architecture


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OceanDisk 1500/1600

Huawei OceanDisk 1500/1600 connects to diskless servers through NoF+ high-speed networks, enabling independent and elastic expansion of computing and storage resources.

Designed for cloud and Internet data centers, OceanDisk devices can be combined into a fast and reliable shared storage pool to help customers improve resource utilization, while reducing cabinet space and device power consumption respectively by 40%.

By utilizing the NoF+ high-speed network, simplified I/O paths, and the FlashLink® disk-controller collaboration algorithms, OceanDisk fully interoperates with third-party ecosystems and provide customers with composable storage capabilities. It delivers a maximum of 3.5 million IOPS and 70 GB/s bandwidth. Thanks to Huawei's continual investment in storage R&D innovation, OceanDisk provides high-performance shared storage capabilities, and cutting-edge technologies such as disk subhealth management and intelligent slow-disk optimization, ensuring stable performance of > 100 thousand disks in large-scale data centers and greatly simplifying O&M.

Eco-friendly and Energy-saving

Green & Intensive management

Designed for the Diskless architecture, OceanDisk enables independent refresh and upgrade of compute and storage systems. Additionally, the utilization of new coding technologies enables scenario-specific lossless data reduction, while the 23+2 high-ratio EC algorithm engine improves resource usage. This results in a remarkable 40% reduction in both cabinet space and power consumption.

Converged Forwarding

High performance

Hardware-software synergy technologies such as simplified I/O paths and FlashLink algorithms significantly increase the efficiency of data processing, reduce data read/write latency, and improve IOPS by 30%,thus enhancing upper-layer application performance.

Continuous Security

Solid reliability

Multiple reliability features, such as the dual-controller A-A architecture, disk subhealth management and intelligent slow-disk optimization, ensure system-level reliability. These technologies make it easy to predict, oversee, and manage data disk faults, greatly simplifying O&M.


Model OceanDisk 1500 OceanDisk 1600
Hardware Architecture 2 U, 36 disks 2 U, 36 disks
System Cache (Dual Controllers) 256 GB to 512 GB 512 GB to 1024 GB
Channel Port Types 25/100 Gb NVMe over RoCE, 16/32 Gbit/s FC, 10/25/40/100GE ETH
Max. Access Bandwidth 42 GB/s 70 GB/s
Max. IOPS 2,500,000 3,500,000
Redundancy Configuration of Main Components Controllers (1+1), fans (5+1), and power modules (1+1) 
Max. Number of Namespaces Per Storage Pool 1024
EC Support Intra-enclosure, high-ratio hardware-based EC supports 22 + 3, 23 + 2, etc.
Storage Management Software Device O&M (DeviceManager), remote O&M (eService) 


Technical Support