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MWC2024 | Huawei and Unilumin Co-Launch the Smart Pole Site Joint Solution


[Barcelona, Spain, February 27, 2024] At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei and Unilumin Group Co., Ltd. (Unilumin) co-launched the Smart Pole Site Joint Solution to accelerate smart city transformation through ICT.

Smart Pole Site Joint Solution Launch Ceremony

Smart Pole Site Joint Solution Launch Ceremony

Dr. Larry Li, Vice President of Unilumin, delivered the opening speech, titled Multiple Integration, Group Intelligence Collaboration, to Create Smart City Neuron. Larry Li, Eric He – CEO of Digital Site BU, Huawei, and Cui Dongfeng – Solution Director of Digital Site, Huawei, together released the Smart Pole Site Joint Solution. Based on Huawei's smart pole site portfolio solution, this solution is designed to promote the construction of smart cities that highlight secure, sustainable, intelligent, and efficient city operations, improved city governance, and comprehensive city sensing management.

Security: Multiple services share the station and network. Based on optical and IP network slicing technology, one fiber is used for multiple networks. This provides integrated access for service networks, like control networks. Two-way authentication is performed between the Optical Line Terminal (OLT) and Optical Network Unit (ONU) to prevent device forgery and ensure transmission reliability. Wireless microwave enables high bandwidth, low latency, and trenchless cabling, which reduces single-site construction costs by 60%.

Sustainability: Smart lighting saves energy. Communications (HPLC), digital street lamps can be quickly upgraded with no need for cabling. Radar sensing and intelligent edge gateways enable automatic, on-demand lighting.

Intelligence: Efficient incident response. Using portfolios such as Huawei Cloud, algorithm ecosystem, unified IoT management, and intelligent gateways, this solution enables multi-scenario and multi-device algorithm analysis and intelligent IoT sensing linkage. This significantly expedites the response to incidents and streamlines city governance.

Efficiency: Automated operations and maintenance. Based on the intelligent gateways, HPLC communication modules, and the one-stop algorithm development platform, the solution supports remote real-time fault detection and accurate fault locating, which reduces O&M costs and improves O&M efficiency.

Digital Site harnesses its strengths to help partners efficiently develop competitive solutions by using four fundamental technologies – sensing, connectivity, computing, and energy. It has also launched eSight for pre-integration and pre-verification and WeSite for simplified O&M.

Looking ahead, Digital Site will work with partners to launch more scenario-based solutions and facilitate the intelligent transformation of outfield infrastructure.

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