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  • Macau's Treasure Hotel Creates Seamless Wi-Fi Experience with Huawei Wi-Fi 6

    Macau's Treasure Hotel Creates Seamless Wi-Fi Experience with Huawei Wi-Fi 6

In today's ICT era, hotels of all size are challenged to provide guests with the ultimate network experience. The same is true for Treasure Hotel, one of the preferred hotels for guests around the globe.

Customer Profile

Treasure Hotel is conveniently located opposite Macao International Airport and is within a 1-minute walk of the terminal. As a medieval retro-style hotel, Treasure Hotel is committed to providing guests with a comfortable and convenient accommodation experience. The ideal location makes it the preferred hotel for business travelers and tourists.

Business Challenges

Treasure Hotel's original Wi-Fi coverage suffered many issues, such as unstable network connections in guest rooms, weak signals, slow network speeds, and web browsing failures, severely affecting guests' Internet access experience. Frequent complaints about network issues weakened the overall competitiveness of the hotel. According to a preliminary survey, the hotel's original Wi-Fi network was built using Wi-Fi 4 technology, which had relatively low speeds, small capacity, and limited performance. This outdated network failed to meet the requirements of new applications and terminals for fast and stable Wi-Fi connections. In addition, APs and antennas were deployed in corridors. Signals could penetrate guest rooms only after passing through walls, resulting in severe signal attenuation. Worse yet, soundproof wall materials such as asbestos boards and marble tiles were used in the hotel, which aggravated the attenuation of wireless signals, resulting in issues like weak indoor Wi-Fi signals and low network performance.


To improve the Wi-Fi experience and guest satisfaction, Treasure Hotel decided to upgrade and reconstruct its wireless network. Given the high-density of guest rooms and complex wall materials, Treasure Hotel chose Huawei's Wi-Fi 6 solution. This solution uses Wi-Fi 6 AirEngine 5761-11W APs indoors to cope with difficult indoor signal access. In this way, it achieves 100% indoor Wi-Fi coverage without blind spots and increases the multi-user concurrency bandwidth by 20%. The AP also provides four GE downlink ports to meet guests' demands for multi-service expansion, such as laptop and streaming TV connections in the hotel. In addition, given the guests' information security, Huawei's solution provides all-round security protection capabilities to prevent unauthorized terminals from accessing the live network. This measure reduces security threats by more than 90% and ensures the security of information assets and guests' Internet access.

Customer Benefits

After the network upgrade was completed in the hotel, guests can easily and securely access the Internet no matter whether they are in guest rooms, halls, or other areas, which improves their work efficiency and travel experience. Moreover, security measures, such as precise network access control and attack defense, effectively protect guests' information assets and Internet access security. Hotel network management personnel also benefit from the new network system which enables unified management and O&M, real-time monitoring of AP performance and status, and convenient fault locating.

The premium wireless experience brings better guest feedback to Treasure Hotel, helping the hotel improve room occupancy and overall business revenue. The improvement of hotel guest satisfaction, in turn, enhances its brand image.