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Bringing Automation to Coal Mining

Huawei Intelligent Automation Applications provide a unified intelligent automation platform to help enterprises build intelligent automation centers and implement unified planning, construction, and operations. They also provide intelligent automation solutions for a range of mining scenarios, to implement cross-system data transfers and process management, automatically processing massive unstructured data. As a result, coal mining enterprises are equipped to break down data barriers, improve service process efficiency, and achieve high-quality development.



The solution integrates and unifies intelligent automation capabilities, implements super automation architecture enterprise-wide, and supports process automation capabilities.

Solution Highlights

  • Material Management: Enable Cross-System Data Flow and Process Management

    This system covers the whole material management process, from demand planning, procurement, and inbound and outbound management to accounting and analysis. Such a complex process contains many potential breakpoints, requiring constant vigilance from staff. If staff mishandles the situation, spare parts may not arrive on time and operations face disruption.
    Huawei's Material Management Digital Intelligent Robot bridges data breakpoints between systems, streamlines the entire IT system, and transports material data across systems, freeing staff to focus on what they do best. Powered by a smart program, the system supports automated reminder messages and review of contract information, improving the efficiency and quality of material management.
  • Financial Management: Construction of Smart Finance SSCs

    Large enterprises naturally require more advanced financial management capabilities. As such, they have turned to financial Shared Services Centers (SSCs), but many problems persist, such as unbalanced business volumes, manual labor failure to ensure operation quality and efficiency, and massive amounts of unmined unstructured data. Additionally, highly educated employees are bogged down by simple, repetitive, and tedious tasks.
    Huawei's Intelligent Financial Management Digital Robot combines Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to accelerate End to End (E2E) intelligence in finance and taxation. From filling out invoices and preparing vouchers to invoicing and fiscal and tax report generation, all are automated. Even more complicated financial services, such as group accounting table archiving and reimbursement, can be intelligently automated with the solution.
  • Dispatch and Command Center: Automatic Recording of Dispatching Information

    The dispatch and command center serves as the brain for coal mine safety and production, responsible for organizing and coordinating safety, production, washing, loading, coal quality, and overhaul across the entire company. At regular morning commissioning meetings, the production and operation status of the previous day is reported, alongside major engineering progress, production problems, and high priority documents. Through the internal communication system, the general dispatching room is used for production dispatching, commanding and coordinating work shifts, and recording the production status of work shifts, such as the daily routing operation reports.
    Due to the fast moving nature of coal mines, real-time, fast, and accurate collection of information is imperative for the dispatch and command center to improve service quality. Super automation systems — such as intelligent conference assistant robots, intelligent voice response robots, system patrol robots, and service assistant robots — can assist service personnel in dispatch and command, improving efficiency and reducing safety risks while also ensuring that information from the center can be uploaded and delivered quickly and accurately.

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