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    Fully-Connected Factory Solution

    Helping enterprises go digital with connected industrial equipment, IP-based connectivity, and intelligent networks

What Challenges do Manufacturing Campuses Face in OT & IT Networks?

Production adjustment is inflexible and takes too long.

It is difficult to integrate data from the IT and OT networks, so upper-layer intelligent applications lack data support.

Closed industrial protocols complicate data collection and interconnection.

Strong electromagnetic interference reduces reliability.

What Is a Fully-Connected Factory?

  • Connected Equipment

    Multi-technology collaboration and all-scenario connectivity help industrial equipment collect data.

  • IP-Based Connectivity

    One converged network serves multiple purposes, so data can be directly collected and seamlessly transferred between layers.

  • Intelligent Networks

    Comprehensive, intelligent O&M provides predictive maintenance and real-time security protection.

Network Architecture for a Fully-Connected Factory

Solution Benefits

  • All-Wireless Factory: Fully-Connected Smart Factory with Wi-Fi 6

    Lossless roaming improves the operational efficiency of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

    Integrated Wi-Fi 6 and ultra-wideband (UWB) networks reduce network deployment costs.

    One wireless network unifies communications for different production equipment and devices, facilitating flexible production line adjustment.

  • IT/OT Converged Network: New Standards for Factory Network Construction

    The solution reduces network complexity and process costs while enhancing production stability, application integration, and flexibility.

    With centralized architecture and service planning, one network bears multiple services, including production, security protection, campus management, and video security.

  • Industrial IoT Gateway: Complete Production Data Records, Helping Make Operational Decisions

    Data collection gateways support containers and interconnection with common industrial protocols for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

    All of the production and energy consumption data is recorded to facilitate accurate operations.

  • All-Optical Factory: High Security and Reliability, Less Fiber for Lower Costs

    Optical fibers are immune to electromagnetic interference with independent control channels, delivering a deterministic low latency (1 ms, zero TDM jitter) and network assurance.

    The solution uses innovative optical fibers and passive components. The fibers are resistant to corrosion and oxidation, so they have long service life and are future-proof for the next decade, reducing TCO by 30%

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