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    Hyper-converged Resource Pool

    Easy to use, converged, efficient, and highly secure


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Hyper-converged Resource Pool

It is mainly used in Light Data center construction scenarios of colleges and universities and hospitals. The typical requirements are as follows:
1. Integrate existing scattered IT resources and build a unified IT infrastructure to greatly improve resource utilization.
2. Improve security protection capabilities to meet security management requirements.
3. Short delivery period and high O&M efficiency;
Huawei provides the hyper-converged resource pool solution to help customers improve resource utilization and reduce security and O&M difficulties and costs.


High Integration

Easy delivery and easy management

The delivery period is reduced from 14 to 4 days
Reduce management costs

Transmission Optimization

Improved resource utilization

The number of valid VMs increases by 20%
Effective storage capacity increased by 2.8 times

High security

One-stop security service, saving time and energy


hyper converged resource pool architecture en

Simplified and efficient

1. The distributed storage system is offloaded to the DPU for processing. The number of VMs on a single server increases from 42 to 51, and the VM density increases by 20%.
2. Industry-leading EC and deduplication and compression technologies increase the available storage capacity from 33% to 92%, a 2.8-fold increase.

Easy delivery and easy management

1. L1-L3 full-stack integration and integrated solutions are provided, reducing the delivery period from 14 to 4 days.
2. Provides one-stop management and upgrade capabilities and implements intelligent management on GUIs.

High security

1. Security threats are closed in seconds, and the automatic handling rate reaches 96%.
2. Supports three-layer security protection, including network border, terminal device and virtualization system.