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Data Management Engine (DME Storage)

La piattaforma Data Management Engine (DME Storage) offre integrazione, automazione e intelligenza, semplificando enormemente la gestione e le operazioni di storage, migliorando l'efficienza operativa dei data center e consentendo la guida autonoma per l'intero ciclo di vita dello storage.


  • DME connects to mainstream cloud management platforms and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) through open APIs, scripts, and plug-ins, enabling the smooth integration into the existing environments and service processes of customers.

  • Users simply need to log in to a software interface to complete resource provisioning, intelligent O&M, and data protection for data services, simplifying multi-device storage management.

  • DME centrally manages Huawei storage, third-party storage, switches, and hosts, all through a unified management interface and open southbound APIs.


Caratteristiche tecniche

Category Name Specifications
Equipment management Storage device Huawei's full series of centralized storage and distributed storage
Storage device management scale Single-node deployment: ≤ 16 sets
N-node deployment: ≤ N x 16 sets (N value: odd number)
Host Mainstream operating systems such as Linux, Windows Server, AIX, HP-UX and ESXi.
Switch Huawei OceanStor SNS series, mainstream Brocade models, and CISCO MDS 9000 series.
Automatic allocation Customized provisioning Specifies storage devices and storage pools; customizes LUN/file system parameters; creates, modifies, expands, shrinks, maps, and deletes LUNs or file systems; creates, modifies, and deletes zones and aliases.
TO-DO planning task distribution The TO-DO planning task mechanism supports changes to storage, host, and switch resources. TO-DO tasks support pre-check, review, batch execution, scheduled execution, rights-based operation control, and task change logs.
Automatic orchestration Customizes Ansible automation scripts and automation processes; GUI-based automatic allocation; visualized automatic allocation logs.
Service level provisioning Creates, expands, maps, and deletes LUNs based on specified service levels. Supports switch auto-zoning.
Intelligent O&M Alarm Covers capacity and performance thresholds, configuration compliance, and recyclable resource identification, as well as alarm suppression, aggregation, confirmation, and clearance operations.
E2E problem demarcation and locating Automation of resource provisioning, topology generation, and performance analysis from hosts to switches, storage arrays, and disks.
Reports and dashboard User-defined capacity, performance, and asset reports; user-defined capacity and performance dashboard.
Intelligent prediction Capacity prediction, performance prediction, and disk health check.
Data mobility Service level change
Deployment specifications Operating system EulerOS; SUSE 12 SP4 and SP5
CPU 8-core x 2GHz CPU
Memory 64 GB
Disk space 800 GB
Management network bandwidth 100 Mbit/s
Compatible Browsers Browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer.

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