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iMaster NCE-WAN

iMaster NCE-WAN — a core component of Huawei's SD-WAN Solution — is an autonomous driving network management and control system, designed for enterprise branch networks. Using technologies such as Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) to implement network virtualization, with centralized and cloud management capabilities, the system provides efficient, cloud-based private line management services.

In addition, iMAster NCE-WAN helps carriers build multi-POP networks, providing high-quality private lines and improving customer loyalty. Enterprises are effectively empowered to accelerate their progress on the way to full service cloudification and digital transformation.

Key features include fast service provisioning and multi-network orchestration capabilities, meeting requirements across industries.

Meanwhile, application-based experience optimization and WAN optimization technologies such as FEC, ensure the performance of key applications.

Intent-driven Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and monitoring make full use of a range of topologies, with more than 45 reports to improve O&M efficiency and service experience.

By implementing full-process management of enterprise interconnection services, iMaster NCE-WAN helps enterprises better cope with service requirements in the cloud era.



Characteristics Description
Plug-and-Play With SD-WAN, enterprises need to deploy CPEs at branch sites. After CPEs are powered on, they automatically obtain IP addresses and proactively register with iMaster NCE-WAN to complete configuration and go online. The plug-and-play feature avoids manual configuration, greatly saving time and avoiding human errors. The following are supported:
Email-based plug-and-play
DHCP-based plug-and-play
Tunnel Management As the number of enterprise branches increases, so too does the amount of traffic between branches and the HQ, as well as between multiples branches themselves. As such, the networking becomes increasingly complex. To meet the requirements of enterprise networking automation, iMaster NCE-WAN provides the automatic tunnel configuration capability to dynamically establish tunnels on demand and support tunnel encryption, ensuring the security of enterprise services.
The following are supported:
• Configuration and orchestration of VPN network topologies
• Full-mesh, hub-spoke, and partial-mesh networking
• IPsec encryption
Intelligent Traffic Steering Huawei SD-WAN Solution provides hybrid link access capabilities. To ensure service experience of key enterprise applications, iMaster NCE-WAN supports application-based intelligent traffic steering. This feature ensures that services requiring high transmission quality are transmitted through private lines, while those requiring low transmission quality are transmitted through Internet links. In addition, if a network fault or unstable link quality occurs, links can be flexibly switched to improve service experience.
The following are supported:
• Identification of pre-defined and user-defined applications
• Detection of link quality based on IP FPM (including latency, jitter, and packet loss)
• Configuration of route selection policies based on the latency, jitter, packet loss, and bandwidth usage
Visualized O&M iMaster NCE-WAN supports site-, link-, and application-based visualized management, which helps quickly locate faults and improve O&M efficiency.
The following information can be displayed:
• Status of sites and links on the GIS map
• For network-wide sites: site health distribution, sites with the lowest health scores, and list of sites (network-wide sites)
• For a specific site: average application quality measurement (AQM) score, bandwidth usage, throughput trend, and top applications with the worst AQM score
• For network-wide links: links with the worst link quality measurement (LQM) score, top traffic, and link list
• For a specific link: LQM trend, throughput trend, top application traffic, and application AQM distribution
• For network-wide applications: AQM distribution, top applications with the worst AQM score, top application traffic, and application list
• For a specific application: AQM trend and throughput trend

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