Huawei Launches Datacom Certification Globally to Develop 150,000 Datacom Professionals in the Next Three Years


[Dongguan, China, November 12, 2020] During the Huawei ICT Competition 2019–2020 Global Final, Huawei held the Datacom Certification Global Launch Conference with the theme of "Datacom Connects the Future" at the Huawei Base, Songshan Lake, Dongguan on November 11. Huawei Datacom Certification is a set of standards for cultivating Datacom talent. In the next three years, Huawei aims to certify 150,000 Datacom engineers, increasing the size of the Datacom network talent ecosystem and shaping the future of intelligent IP networks.

As digital transformation proceeds, companies are posed with new requirements for networks and network architecture. To meet the demand for new network talent and adapt to the changing capability model for network practitioners, Huawei is developing a set of talent cultivation standards based on its extensive experience leading the data communication industry.

Huawei Datacom Certification is an upgrade of the previous Routing & Switching Certification, featuring advanced technologies, various fields, comprehensive capabilities, and practical skills. It not only provides knowledge about traditional routing and switching technologies, but also delivers the cultivation solution (which combines Huawei's Datacom network solution and new technologies). Certified professionals will be able to plan, deploy, operate, maintain, and optimize networks in different scenarios. 

Advanced technology: Huawei Datacom Certification includes knowledge about cutting-edge Datacom network technologies, such as SDN, VXLAN, SR/SRv6, and network programming and automation.

Various fields: This certification covers various Datacom fields such as campus networks, WAN, and SD-WAN.

Comprehensive capabilities: This certification focuses on how technologies can be applied to real-world scenarios. Certified professionals will be able to design, deploy, operate, maintain, and optimize networks.

Practical skills: The project-oriented certification is developed with reference to the development trends of the Datacom network and the network construction needs of companies. As such, certified professionals will be able to meet industry needs.

A group of executives giving a thumbs up at the Huawei Datacom Certification Global Launch Conference

Huawei Datacom Certification Global Launch Conference

Kevin Hu, President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line, delivered a speech at the conference. He commented that, the digital transformation of enterprises imposes new requirements on ICT infrastructure. Huawei has upgraded the intelligent IP network solution. We have reconstructed the hardware and software, upgraded the three-layer architecture (super capacity, intelligent connectivity, and intelligent O&M), and proposed the "Four Engines" brand strategy (CloudEngine switches, NetEngine routers, AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 ACs and APs, and HiSecEngine security gateways). By cooperating with partners and customers, we have developed scenario-based solutions to provide new momentum for the intelligent connectivity of everything. We also set Datacom talent standards to grow the talent ecosystem and build a new future of intelligent IP networks.

Kevin Hu, President of Huawei's Data Communication Product Line at the Datacom Certification Global Launch Conference

Kevin Hu delivering his speech at the Huawei Datacom Certification Global Launch Conference

To build a prosperous Datacom network talent ecosystem in collaboration with customers and partners, over the next three years, Huawei will organize 10 Datacom competitions, develop 30 excellent online courses and textbooks on Datacom networks, hold 30 online forums, and certify 150,000 Datacom engineers.

The Huawei Datacom Certification is classified into three levels:

HCIA–Datacom, HCIP–Datacom, and HCIE–Datacom. The HCIA–Datacom certification aims to develop network engineers with entry-level Datacom knowledge and skills.

The HCIP–Datacom certification has one core technical direction (HCIP–Datacom–Core Technology) and six optional sub-directions (HCIP–Datacom–Advanced Routing & Switching Technology, HCIP–Datacom–Campus Network Planning and Deployment, HCIP–Datacom–WAN Planning and Deployment, HCIP–Datacom–SD–WAN Planning and Deployment, HCIP–Datacom–Enterprise Network Solution Design, and HCIP–Datacom–Network Automation Developer). The HCIP–Datacom certification is designed for aspirants who want to become senior engineers in the field of cross-domain solution planning and design or single-domain planning and deployment.

The HCIE–Datacom certification aims to cultivate network experts with theoretical knowledge of solutions and the ability to deploy networks across domains.
To date, HCIA–Datacom, HCIP–Datacom–Advanced Routing & Switching Technology, and HCIP–Datacom–Network Automation Developer certifications have been released, and other certifications are set for release in 2021. By Q4 2021, the Huawei Datacom Certification will completely replace the Routing & Switching Certification.