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    Smart Gas Station Solution

    Improve management efficiency, implement secure operations, and optimize the user experience.


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A Converged Platform for the Digital and Intelligent Upgrade of Gas Stations

Gas stations are the key touchpoint for fuel retail in the oil and gas industry. But, with demand slowing, traditional promotional models, such as discounts and joint promotions, are now proving ineffective. The industry is changing, as a result, moving away from a price-centric approach toward one much more focused on the user experience. This is a people-vehicle-lifestyle ecosystem and it has kick-started gas station transformation.
Based on the existing infrastructure and service system applications of gas stations, Huawei's Smart Gas Station Solution is the industry's first integrated and simplified edge-intelligent and converged platform for gas stations. Based on Huawei's flagship edge data storage product,FusionCube 1000, the solution implements Information Technology (IT) integration at the station level. Building full-Internet of Things (IoT) and full-sensing application development capabilities to meet the needs of a range of intelligent services, the solution helps gas stations provide smart services, implements smart management, and fosters smart marketing.


Visualized Management

Security Management and Unattended Operations

Artificial Intelligence (AI) covers all areas, proactively identifies dangerous behaviors, and broadcasts them in real time, supporting gas station security.


Comprehensive IoT and Real-Time Visualization

Unified IoT access specifications and one-screen display of all data-improve operational efficiency.

Integrated Design

Seamless Payment, Boost efficiency

Video and AI implement seamless payments, effectively reducing refueling time, improving refueling efficiency by 60%, and improving user experience.


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