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How Huawei Enterprise Services Work with Partners to Promote Transformation of the Digital Industry

By Wu Ningchuan (Cloud Time)

In a narrow sense, the value of the digital transformation market (related software and services) is expected to reach nearly 500 billion USD by 2022, according to US market research firm MarketsandMarkets. In a broad sense, the digital transformation market (hardware, software, and services) is expected to reach a total value of 5.9 trillion USD by 2021, according to US market research firm IDC. The digital transformation of enterprises triggered by social networking, mobility, cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is about the depth, breadth, and transformation intensity of enterprise IT, which exceeds the capabilities of one or even dozens technology suppliers.

For enterprises, digital transformation involves using ICT technologies to innovate and transform services, increasing service growth. IDC considers the following five aspects of enterprise digital transformation: leadership transformation, comprehensive experience transformation, information transformation, operation model transformation, and resource model transformation. All aspects of enterprises are involved, including enterprise customers, enterprise resource management (ERP), and production and manufacturing logistics. As pointed out by a number of advisory and market research institutions, digital transformation is disruptive transformation of enterprise organizational models and operational modes, which requires seamless combination of multiple capabilities and technologies.

Challenges are numerous, including properly leveraging digital transformation opportunities, meeting enterprise requirements across organizational boundaries, and seamless integration of old and new ERP systems with the IT system. As one of the world's largest suppliers of digital transformation technologies, Huawei will fully leverage its platform advantages to drive the digital comprehensive transformation and upgrade of enterprises into the future. As a world-leading platform-level enterprise, Huawei launched ServiceTurbo Cloud, a cloud platform for enterprise service tools, and collaboration services for partners in the second half of 2018. Huawei works with partners to meet various enterprise digital transformation goals, ushering in a new era for digital transformation.

Digital transformation service capability platform

The platform economy is an important sector of the digital economy. The social cloud platform enables more participants to share skills, tools, and tasks. Additionally, it serves as a major Huawei service model for enterprise digital transformation.

Huawei divides the lifecycle of enterprise customer services into three phases: Plan, Build, and Run. To meet service and ICT practice requirements in different phases, Huawei Enterprise Service provides both Huawei-brand and collaboration services. Customers with high service requirements will be able to choose Huawei-brand services. Those seeking more cost-effective services can select collaborative services released by Huawei and its partners. With the release of the ServiceTurbo Cloud platform and Huawei collaboration services, Huawei and its service partners have formed a complete joint service capability platform.

ServiceTurbo Cloud is an open one-stop service tool cloud platform, covering network, cloud core, wireless, network energy, and other product lifecycle services. The service tools involve network product tool eDesk and IT product tool eService/Toolkit. Targeting professional service scenarios such as planning and design, implementation, migration, maintenance, optimization, and O&M, ServiceTurbo Cloud provides professional service tools integrating different products, such as cloud DC design and network performance evaluation and optimization tools. It also provides operation tools that match industry service characteristics, such as Safe City IVS site design and Smart City eLTE design tools. ServiceTurbo Cloud is an end-to-end tool application market, integrating delivery platforms to form a tool chain. This not only streamlines data flow and reduces data conversion, but also makes enterprise service standardization possible with its "onsite + remote collaboration" delivery model.

Based on the ServiceTurbo Cloud platform, Huawei collaboration services first launch collaborative WLAN planning and design, engineering installation technical support, and collaboration management services. Consider collaboration management services as an example. Enterprise's IT O&M department still faces the following challenges: First, the IT environment still suffers several days of downtime each year. Second, IT staff still respond to problems passively. Third, IT enterprise management still depends on people instead of platforms and processes. Huawei collaboration management services provide remote technical support and a platform for service partners to monitor customer equipment and network health during maintenance. This service helps service partners with system optimization suggestions, along with quick problem identification and resolution.

Digital enterprise transformation no longer fully depends on Huawei-brand services. After all, regional service providers have a better understanding of the culture, organization, and operation of local enterprises. With the help of Huawei's service tool cloud platform and joint collaboration services, regional service providers can provide services to different regions in depth and in detail, helping enterprises consolidate their digital transformation.

Collaborate with partners to promote digital transformation

Among Huawei's enterprise service partners, Qingdao Dorsary Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Dorsary) is one of the representatives with actively developed value-added services. Dorsary was founded in 2014. After only three years of development, it became a dual-gold-medal partner of Huawei in three cities in its province. Since its establishment, Dorsary defined its development direction as cloud computing, big data, and IT services. Its main business focuses on IT-related products such as servers, storage, and cloud computing. The company has partnered with Huawei.

To better serve customers, Dorsary has established a customer service center, which effectively relies on Huawei's R&D, professional service support, and troubleshooting capabilities. In addition, as the company has a wide range of personnel, it can provide flexible and quick onsite support, help customers quickly locate and solve problems, and provide personalized services based on customer requirements. Dorsary has won recognition from customers in industries such as government, energy, transportation, and education. Dorsary's services cover 17 cities in Shandong and its surrounding provinces. The company has many experts and experienced project managers. Various professional technical personnel can effectively assist with customer support, project implementation and delivery, and after-sales maintenance services.

In September 2017, at the Huawei Connect conference, Huawei released their remote management service. Dorsary followed up immediately and collaborated with Huawei to promote the O&M service. The joint O&M service was designed for enterprise customers with insufficient personnel, providing fast service development and great O&M assurance. It provides visualized, data-based, specialized, intelligent, and proactive services. Huawei collaborates to provide original manufacturer services for difficult technical problems and Dorsary is in charge of providing services such as periodic inspection, fault location and detection, onsite emergency response, onsite service, and key event assurance.

Dorsary & Huawei joint O&M services help Qingdao NESI Group decrease their O&M personnel by over five. In addition, the group can still monitor the network for eight hours every weekday and on holidays. The previous challenges faced by NESI include no dedicated network maintenance personnel, no attendance during holidays, large numbers of cross-vendor devices (over 500), and insufficient IT personnel skills. In addition, troubleshooting, which was done passively, usually exceeded eight hours. Dorsary has developed a customized onsite + remote + evaluation and optimization service, with onsite + remote services ensuring stable network operation, and network evaluation services identifying network risks. The solution improves troubleshooting efficiency by 30% and identifies more than 30 potential risks based on in-depth understanding of network conditions.

As one of the six types of Huawei ecosystem partners, service partners have developed rapidly in the past six years. As of December 2018, Huawei has more than 3600 enterprise service partners and more than 30,000 Huawei-certified engineers. Huawei's enterprise service ecosystem is beginning to take shape. Service partner and Huawei teams have provided strong support for customer service delivery resources. In addition, Huawei's ServiceTurbo Cloud platform, three global service sharing centers, integration verification labs covering 50+ scenarios in seven countries, 12 OpenLabs, and Huawei's enterprise technical support website (Support-E) provide platform-level support for Huawei enterprise services and fully meet global enterprises' urgent demands for digital transformation.

2019 is a critical year for global digital transformation. According to a Gartner CIO Agenda survey in 2019, 49% of CIOs said digital transformation has changed their business models. The 2019 Gartner CEO Perspective survey shows that 69% of CEOs will change their business models between 2018 and 2020. Obviously, global CIOs and CEOs are pushing their enterprises toward the critical area of digital transformation. Providing partner collaboration management services and covering 1000+ Huawei and other mainstream products with 100+ tool components, the ServiceTurbo Cloud platform is undoubtedly an accelerant in enterprise digital transformation.

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