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Holding Fast to Our Aspirations as We Prepare for the Future

By Sun Maolu, President of the Enterprise Technical Service Dept of Enterprise BG

Huawei only exists to create value for customers.

With the rapid development of information communications technology (ICT), the digital landscape of the third platform featuring technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of things (IoT) is gradually taking shape. Digital services centered on intelligent platforms and tools will reshape the sharing economy. This rapid development of the ICT industry is leading to disruptive change, during which only the bold pioneers will become the future leaders in the ICT industry. Huawei Enterprise BG is committed to becoming the preferred digital transformation partner for customers who are developing future-oriented strategies.

Over the years, Huawei Enterprise BG has always striven to build a strong ecosystem that has leading platforms and advanced technologies. It has focused on industries such as safe city, finance, energy, transportation, and manufacturing. We are also developing an ICT talent chain to provide customers with ubiquitous service experiences.

So far, Huawei Enterprise BG has built three Global Service Centers (GSCs), one each in Romania, Mexico, and China, providing 24/7 services in 17 languages. These GSCs have introduced new technologies such as big data intelligent analysis, intelligent scheduling, and augmented reality (AR), leading to improved operational efficiency by 20%. In 2017, one of the GSCs received the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) Support Staff Excellence Center designation.

Huawei Enterprise BG, continuously invests in innovation and seeks to pioneer new technologies and scenarios. It has invested a total of US$ 500 million over five years. In addition, we work with partners to build three industry systems that involve industry cloud enablement services, industry solution services, and industry operation and maintenance (O&M) services. We have also built an enterprise cloud tool platform that helps improve end-to-end service capabilities in areas such as planning and design, integration implementation, customer support, intelligent O&M, and performance improvement.

Huawei's industry cloud enablement services have provided cloud transformation services including cloud consulting, cloud assessment, cloud planning and design, cloud migration, cloud disaster recovery, and big data planning and design for over 1,000 customers in industries such as finance, government, and manufacturing. These services have helped customers shorten their service provisioning time, improve their IT resource utilization by up to 50%, and reduce their total costs of ownership by up to 40%.

Huawei's industry solution services cover industries such as public safety, finance, energy, and transportation. Huawei's safe city service solutions have been deployed in more than 700 cities in more than 100 countries and regions. Huawei's digital banking service solutions have been put into commercial use in more than 300 financial institutions, including 20 of the world's top 50 banks. Huawei's energy solutions have been widely used by more than 190 electric power industry customers worldwide. Huawei's transportation solutions have served over 230,000 km of railways and highways, over 70 urban railway lines, and more than 60 airlines.

Huawei's industry O&M services have been widely applied in nine industries, including government, public utilities, transportation, energy, and finance, providing high-quality service experiences for more than 400 customers.

Every industry is undergoing digital transformation, and ICT talent is now a key resource that ICT companies are competing for. Huawei is making continuous efforts to build a new talent chain for the digital era, and it is developing an integrated technical certification system that covers domains such as cloud computing and big data. It is also developing an ICT industry certification system that covers industries such as public safety and finance. By doing so, we hope to guide product and technical specialists to become high-end ICT talent. In order to build a model for the future talent development, Huawei has cooperated with 600 universities and colleges worldwide. So far it has employed 1,200 certified trainers, that are training 45,000 graduates every year.

In Huawei Enterprise BG we adhere to the value proposition of "Smart Services, Experience the Future". We are committed to safeguarding our customers' digital transformation and contributing to a fully connected, intelligent world.

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