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    How Huawei and Lightstream8’s partnership adds value towards digital transformation in the Philippines


Lightstream8 Corp. has made its mark in the industry by offering a wide range of highly-developed IT solutions for the enterprise that intends to digitalize its operations. Lightstream8’s solutions and services are designed to contribute to companies' growth by helping them succeed in their digital transformation efforts. We take into account each client's specific demands and provide tailored solutions to meet those needs.

2016 was a significant year for Lightstream8 as it was founded and spearheaded by Art Generoso, alongside his small but strong-willed team of professionals. In the following year, LS8 evangelized the market, by promoting and raising awareness of Digitalization in the Philippines through IT consultations and promoting solutions. This is in line with their initiative to develop the market with next generation solution offering to create a differentiator and a unique value proposition versus competition.

As LS8 continued to stride its path to the industry, issues and obstacles have become existent. The market maturity in the technology industry in the Philippines is one of the discernible issues that LS8 was trying to surpass. Evidently, the use of new technology is still rudimentary, even in the financial sector. Aside from that, most customers were reluctant towards using new generation technologies. Despite the need to embrace new technologies, to improve productivity and reduce cost, most enterprises are still reluctant to innovate and adopt new technologies.

The partnership with Huawei started in 2017. LS8 began a market campaign to demonstrate the viability of adopting Huawei as a dependable solution in mission critical corporate applications. Over time, Huawei showed through excellent reference sites that they may be a viable enterprise market option.

Lightstream8’s milestone with Huawei

The following year brought an opportunity– a milestone for LS8. One of the biggest banks in the Philippines encountered persistent challenges with their current network platform. LS8 and Huawei took the opportunity to demonstrate that the solution need not be an expensive fix. The customer gave the opportunity to conduct a “Proof of Value” to which Huawei executed flawlessly. Moreover, LS8 and Huawei proved that the cost of ownership will be drastically reduced with the adoption of Huawei Network.

This made it practical for the business to not only provide the fix to the existing problem but to also make it practical to push through with its plan to execute its planned Network Transformation initiative.

This will also enable the business to be in the position to provide better and more creative services to its customers. It will also allow them the benefits of a Software Defined Network that gives them the flexibility to manage and shape their network given different business scenarios. Lightstream8 and Huawei gained positive recognitions having successfully transformed the customer’s network to be more adaptive to rapidly changing business conditions and demands. LS8 became one of the core partners of Huawei, providing solutions to more businesses, and enabling them to keep pace with the dynamic digital market.

Lightstream8 and Huawei Today

This year, LS8 and Huawei closed 4 projects, allowing them to provide innovative solutions to various clients. Aside from that, Lightstream8 hosted events such as Project Kick-offs as a prelude to projects won with clients. We've also participated in a variety of events with Huawei, including the U Bank Innovation Festival which was a significant occasion for both companies. The Innovation Festival was attended by industry leaders. Lightstream8 and Huawei gathered exposure at the event, allowing them to generate leads and expand their clientele in the industry by showcasing their experience in the technology business as one of U Bank's trusted partners. Furthermore, Lightstream8 was awarded as one of Huawei’s gold partners in 2022 for meeting the standards which include target sales revenue and training certifications. As a reward, LS8 now has greater power for their projects, in addition to receiving rebates for marketing events courtesy of Huawei's Joint Marketing Fund.

Lightstream8 Vision

Lightstream8 continues to expand its solution offerings to cater to more business needs, from Data Erasure to Network transformation. LS8 intends to replicate its success with Huawei in other enterprise accounts and is exploring other Huawei solutions as an offering to the enterprise market. LS8 will continue to bring in more leads in the different Philippine industries, such as banks, as well as clients in the government sectors. Art Generoso, CEO of LS8, has great confidence in LS8 and Huawei's accomplishments for the upcoming year because of their amicable partnership.

Victory loves preparation.”, Sir Art Generoso quoted.

“Lightstream8, in partnership with Huawei, received good accolades for effectively transforming the customer's network to be more adaptable to quickly changing business conditions and expectations. We have confidence in Huawei because of its service-focused values and dedication to advancing technological innovation.”

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