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OceanStor DJ Service-Driven Storage Control Software

An OpenStack-based storage management system that provides unified control and management of SAN, NAS, and Object storage to solve performance bottlenecks, improve utilization, and provide resilient protection in enterprise and cloud computing environments. OceanStor DJ virtualizes storage systems from multiple vendors into a programmable storage pool enabling services-based storage to be easily provisioned and managed.

The system delivers workload-driven “storage resources on demand,” with dynamic resource allocation and automated backup to simplify management and reduce TCO of storage — increasing performance and stability in large-scale data centers.

Unified control and management software for automating workload-based allocation of storage resources and taming massive storage needs

  • Storage Resource Virtualization: Grounded in OpenStack precepts, OceanStor DJ can take over management of heterogeneous storage devices and consolidate resources into pools
  • Automatic Service-based Deployment: Allocates resources according to workload-based best practice templates; self-help service applications and complete service catalogs
  • Data-Application-as-a-Service: You can select Huawei or third-party backup applications to provide data protection services




Basic Version

Advanced Version

Storage Resource Virtualization

Block storage management models

Huawei: OceanStor V3 series, OceanStor F V3 series, OceanStor Dorado V3 series, OceanStor T series, and FusionStorage


EMC, HDS, HP, IBM, NetApp, etc.

File storage management models

Huawei: OceanStor V3 series storage, OceanStor 9000 series storage, and FusionStorage

Object storage management models

Huawei: FusionStorage

Storage device management scale

Single-node deployment: ≤ 128

Three-node deployment (HA): ≤ 500

Management hosts and OSs

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows Server, AIX, HP-UX, vCenter Server, ESX/ESXi Server, XenServer, and Euler OS

FC switch models

Brocade, CISCO

Self-defined virtual resource pools


Self-defined SLA


Service Deployment Automation

Block storage services

Volume creation, mounting, expansion, deletion, and information query; configuration of consistency groups

File storage services

Share and unshare CIFS and NFS files, query shared information

Object storage services

Creation and deletion of S3 buckets and Swift containers; information query

Data protection services based on array features


Creation of volume snapshots, snapshot rollback, active-active volumes, and replication volumes

Creation of file share snapshots

Industry-specific service catalogs


Service catalogs for ERP, online banking, and BSS systems

Ability to customize service catalogs to specific service requirements

Data Backup

Backup service


Supports volume creation with periodic backup capability, volume creation/recovery/deletion based on backup copies

Supports consistent groups

Supported backup software


Huawei eBackup, EISOO AnyBackup, and IBM TSM


Huawei Enterprise APP

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