SAP & Huawei Partnership Overview

Huawei and SAP share the mission to design, build, and lead a high performance partnership with end-to-end solutions for our customers. Together we create a Better Connected World and improve people's lives through SAP's Solution Portfolio and Huawei's Technology Innovation

Since the establishment of our global technical partnership, Huawei and SAP have worked closely to synergize technology and marketing strengths, leveraging each other's advantages to the full. Huawei and SAP have made a series of forward-looking research in various domains, together to build groundbreaking solutions for the market and present premium services to global customers.

SAP & Huawei Partnership Milestones

  • June 2016, SAP Greater China and Huawei Enterprise China jointly held SAP | Huawei Forum Shenzhen, establishing a new benchmark of implementation of global cooperation in regional level.

    2016 June
  • May 2016, as a top-level sponsor, Huawei attended the SAPPHIRE NOW 2016 global flagship conference held by SAP in Orlando, USA.

    2016 May
  • June 2015, Huawei and SAP announced the official opening of the Huawei & SAP Co-Innovation Center in Shenzhen, which opened a brand new chapter for their strategic collaboration.

    2015 June
  • March 2015, Huawei and SAP signed a MOU at CeBIT 2015 to deepen collaboration in Industry 4.0 and the IoT, which marked the two partners have advanced into the Industry 4.0 era. Meanwhile, SAP and Huawei signed a joint innovation MOU and planned to deploy co-innovation teams and resources at each other's HQ.

    2015 March
  • July 2014, Huawei Day was held at Walldorf, Germany, the SAP headquarter, meanwhile celebrating the official opening ceremony of Huawei Partner Port Office.

    2014 July
  • March 2014, Huawei and SAP announced extending the SAP & Huawei collaboration into a strategic alliance at CeBIT 2014, and released the certified SAP HANA FusionCube solution.

    2014 March
  • February 2013, Huawei and SAP together released the first certified SAP HANA@ appliance solution based on Huawei Tecal RH5885 V2 rack server.

    2013 February
  • September 2012, Mr. Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, and Mr. Jim Snabe, the then SAP co-CEO, met each other and agreed on setting up strategic partnership.

    2012 September
  • July 2012 - the China SAPPHIRE conference was opened in Beijing, and SAP announced Huawei as its first global technical partner in China.

    2012 July