• Huawei Europe Enterprise Roadshow 2024

Huawei Europe Enterprise Roadshow 2024

A roadshow visiting 21 countries in Europe

Huawei Europe Enterprise Roadshow 2024

The convergence of green and digital transition represents two pivotal trends propelling the sustainable development of European industries. As an enterprise leader in providing quality ICT technologies, Huawei is focused on empowering customers and partners to accelerate the digital and green transformation of industries.;

The 2024 Huawei Europe Enterprise Roadshow will visit 54 cities in 21 countries in Europe. Our on-site team of experts will meet customers and partners to demonstrate the latest industry-leading ICT solutions to ‘Accelerate Industrial Intelligence’ and unleash Europe’s digital and intelligent potential.

From March to Sep. 2024, the roadshow will visit: France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Turkiye, Finland, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Luxembourg, Serbia, Hungary, Ireland, Bulgaria, and Romania.

Learn about Huawei’s ICT technologies in networking, storage, and optical fields, with a specific focus on our scenario-based solutions for critical industries including Government, Healthcare, Education, ISP, Retail, Manufacturing, and Transportation. You’ll discover our award-winning Wi-Fi 7 Network Solution ("Best Enterprise Wi-Fi Network 2023", Wireless Broadband Alliance Industry Awards 2023), see our OceanStor Dorado and Pacific series storage portfolio for All Flash for All Scenarios and hear about the latest FTTH, FTTR and green DCI solutions. We’ll also feature the recently launched HUAWEI eKit for distribution business in Europe.

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Truck Tour

See what there is to explore in the truck - Datacom, Data Storage, Optical, MSP, Huawei eKit, Government, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing and Transportation.

Huawei Europe Enterprise Roadshow 2024 - Truck Tour


Huawei’s award-winning Data Communication industry business will showcase four solutions at the truck tour. From high-quality 10GE CloudCampus and simplified branch SD-Branch, to simplified intelligent small-sized Data Center Network, and IP converged bearer network. These offerings are a testament to Huawei's unique competitive advantages in the commercial market.

Data Storage

Our booth will feature OceanStor Dorado series all-flash storage as well as demonstrate the powerful capabilities of OceanStor Pacific series all-flash scale-out storage. Lastly, we’ll provide a full portfolio of storage for the commercial market, with different storage levels to meet customers‘ diverse application scenarios.


On show we’ll have FTTH and FTTR solutions highlighting how ISPs can expand the commercial reach and cover the high-end ISP market.


In MSP scenarios, Huawei will provide three solutions for the commercial market: Network as a service, Storage as a Service, and Managed DC service.


Focusing on typical scenarios such as SMB enterprise offices, shopping malls and supermarkets, Huawei eKit helps to develop distribution and marketable products, in compliance with 6-e standards, to meet the requirements of SMB users in various business scenarios.


Huawei provides comprehensive solutions to help regional governments build ultra-fast networks and achieve the EU Gigabit broadband access goal. Our featured products will include Government backbone network, Campus network (high-quality 10G campus) and Inclusive interconnection.


We’ll have solutions for 3 scenarios. Teaching, with intelligent recording, and an industry-education integration platform. Campus, showing how Wi-Fi 7 meets the demands of high-bandwidth and high-performance requirements of classrooms. And Data Management to see how main storage, backup, and archiving apply to multiple service scenarios, such as information systems and research data management.


As healthcare continues to undergo digital transformation, we’ll demonstrate Huawei’s integrated smart hospital solution. We’ll show the latest offerings for a converged hospital network, medical imaging center, and medical research solutions in the commercial market.


In our focus on Intelligent Warehousing, we’ll examine the intelligent warehousing network upgrade and ways to improve refined warehousing management. We’ll conclude our showcase by sharing cases of successful implementations.


High-performance Wi-Fi, IT/OT convergence, and F5G all-optical technologies enable smart factory access in all scenarios. Industry-leading high-performance storage technology further accelerates the simulation process.


Our experts will be on hand to discuss the latest offerings for 5 key transportation sub-industries. We’ll address scenarios in next-generation operational communication (railway) and train-to-ground communications (metro), airport network upgrading (aviation), road-side sensors and monitoring network (road), and remote control and remote monitoring (ports).




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