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Agile Depot Solution


Huawei Agile Depot Solution is built upon Huawei’s FusionCube converged infrastructure, an agile network and unified platform integrated with innovative services enabling wireless communications for railway stations and automation of manual processes for efficient Operations and Maintenance (O&M). It allows rail operators to benefit from services such as wireless location positioning and real-time video production surveillance for secure, visual management.

Train maintenance and repair are significant expenses for rail operators. To increase productivity, lower O&M costs, and efficiently manage the rolling stock depot, Huawei and its partners have developed solutions for railways that combine mechanic automation and information technologies.

Some major obstacles are:

  • Difficulties in obtaining and recording information about components for scheduling maintenance and repairs
  • A lack of real-time video monitoring capabilities for security, operations, and status of maintenance progress
  • The repair process’ lack of production safety, effective risk control, and traceability

To overcome these challenges, Huawei provides a comprehensive Agile Depot Solution for rail operators with the FusionCube IT-enabled platform, agile network, and integrated application services. Conceptually, the solution is designed to automate manual processes, provide reliable, video-enabled communications, simplify management of rolling stock depot, and increase O&M productivity. Key advantages of the solution are wireless positioning, mobile operations, agile network, and FusionCube unified platform.

Wireless positioning

The solution supports a positioning location precision within 3.28 yards (3 meters), full-process visibility into production activities in stations, and complete track records of operations by using an intelligent combination of Real-Time Location System (RTLS) positioning engine + TAG + HD video surveillance. These measures facilitate risk control and ensure safety for production activities.

Mobile operations

A wireless mesh network system enables communication within the range of a station, providing wide radio coverage, high reliability, and easy management. Many techniques are used to ensure production security, including Mobile Device Management (MDM), sandbox, and L4 Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Agile network

Three networks — production safety monitoring network, station Intranet for production and office activities, and Internet data query network — are combined to form an agile network. This agile network carries production safety monitoring video, HMIS/5T data, and voice and video data for video conferences. A 5-level Hierarchical Quality of Service (HQoS) mechanism ensures the quality of the data carried over the agile network. A series of security measures, such as network border security protection for stations, network access security protection, and network transmission security protection, are utilized to build impenetrable networks for stations. In addition, the native Access Controller (AC) mechanism is embedded on boards to provide deep integration of wired and wireless approaches for station management.

Unified platform

Huawei FusionCube solution integrates over 10 application systems (including HMIS, AEI, and 5T) deployed in exiting stations. FusionCube supports deep integration with an SDK for application systems to facilitate rapid service deployment.

Huawei Agile Depot Solution, with FusionCube agile network and unified platform, integrates IT systems and automation technologies, enables visualized management, and enhances the efficiency of operations. The solution comprehensively improves the maintenance productivity of railway stations.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Efficient IT-enabled management and control

FusionCube automates management and control, optimizes maintenance scheduling, and improves efficiency

Safe, efficient visualized management

Video surveillance, precise location positioning, and automated operations for safety and efficiency

Consistent user experience

Use mobile terminals for production activities and get a reliable agile network user experience

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