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Enterprise Routers

Routers with large-capacity, high-reliability, easy O&M, and low power consumption help enterprises in various industries to quickly achieve digital transformation.


Latest and Greatest

  • Huawei NE9000 Backbone Router and 4T Line Card Win Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2017

    The NE9000 converged backbone router is equipped with the industry’s highest-density 4T line cards. Developed based on advanced Solar 5.0 NP chips, these line cards can provide both 100 GE and 400 GE interfaces and their power consumption is only half of the industry average.

  • Huawei Releases the 400G DCI Solution

    The Huawei 400G DCI solution uses innovative technologies for non-blocking, low-latency data transmission, helping build large-capacity, intelligent, and energy-conserving DCI networks as well as facilitating service innovation and cloud transformation for enterprise users and service providers.

  • Huawei AR650 Wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2018

    Huawei’s AR650 stood out among 6402 entries worldwide with its simple and practical appearance and its open service platform.

Select the Best Product for Your Business

  • NE Series Routers

  • Multi-Service Control Gateways

  • Multi-Service Transport Platforms

  • AR Series IoT Gateways

  • AR Series Access Routers


NE9000 series routers are flagship core routers designed for cloud connectivity and to serve as core nodes on large DCI, enterprise, and metro networks.

Cloud Backbone Routers

  • NE5000E

    NE5000E cluster routers are designed to serve as network core nodes and DC interconnect nodes.

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  • CX6600

    The CX6600 series routers are next-generation high-end backbone routers provided by Huawei for backbone and DCI networks.

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Service Convergence Routers

  • NE40E

    NE40Es are full-service routers designed to serve as core nodes on enterprise WANs, access nodes on large enterprise networks, interconnection and aggregation nodes on campus networks, and edge nodes on large IDC networks.

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  • NE20E-S

    NE20E-Ss are unified service routers for governments, enterprises, and industries such as transportation, finance, power, and education.

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Service Access Routers

  • NE08&05E

    NE08E and NE05E series routers are developed based on Huawei-proprietary ENP chips and the SDN architecture.

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2T hardware platform, providing 10G to 480G line cards (including 160G CGN line cards), supporting a maximum of 256K concurrent users and allowing 1,200 users to go online per second.

OptiX PTN 7900

The OptiX PTN 7900 NE is a new-generation high-capacity, high-bandwidth, and software-defined core device that supports smart services.

AR502 Series IoT Gateway

The AR502 uses the built-in industrial-grade LTE module, and offers high bandwidth and low-latency wireless access. It provides various local interfaces and applies to a number of IoT fields, such as smart grid, smart city, and smart building.

  • AR509 Series IoT Gateway

    The AR509 integrates high-performance industrial-grade LTE modules to provide high-bandwidth and low-latency network services, which can be widely used in industrial wireless backhaul scenarios such as banking, transportation, and environmental protection.

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  • AR530 Series IoT Gateway

    The AR530 integrates routing and terminal data collection functions and applies to scenarios such as power IoT, industrial switching ring network, and video backhaul.

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  • AR550 Series IoT Gateway

    The AR550 applies to power (power distribution automation and automatic access of transformer substations), transportation (camera access for highway surveillance, in-vehicle PIS, and trackside communications), video surveillance and backhaul, and industrial Ethernet control scenarios.

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  • AR550E Series IoT Gateway

    The AR550E provides powerful routing, security, and IPSec VPN capabilities, and applies to power, smart city, and industrial Ethernet control scenarios.

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  • AR2500 Series IoT Gateway

    The AR2500 integrates routing, switching, and security services and applies to smart grids, intelligent transportation, and industrial Ethernet control scenarios.

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AR1200 Series Enterprise Router

The AR1200 is a multi-service router designed for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It provides Internet access, dedicated line access, and voice, security, and wireless functions. It can be deployed at the egress of small and medium-sized campus networks and the headquarters and branches of SMEs.

AR Series Enterprise Routers

  • AR100, AR120, AR160, and AR200 Series Enterprise Routers

    The AR100, AR120, AR160, or AR200 is an integrated enterprise gateway that integrates routing, switching, voice, security, 3G/LTE, and Wi-Fi functions for small enterprises and SOHO enterprises.

    Uses the dual-core processor and fan-free design. Delivers the maximum forwarding performance of 550 Kpps.
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  • AR160-M Series Enterprise Router

    The AR160-M has the built-in x86 open platform, integrates network, computing, and storage functions, and applies to intelligent management scenarios such as enterprise interconnection (SD-WAN), smart classroom, smart building, smart retail, and smart gyms.

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  • AR2200 Series Enterprise Router

    The AR2200 integrates routing, switching, voice, and security services and applies to medium-sized enterprise headquarters or large and medium-sized enterprise branches.

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  • AR3200 Series Enterprise Router

    The AR3200 integrates routing, switching, voice, security, and wireless functions, and is widely deployed at the egress of large and medium-sized campus networks and headquarters and branches of large and medium-sized enterprises.

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  • AR3600 Series Enterprise Router

    The AR3600 integrates routing, switching, security, wireless, and VPN functions, and is designed based on x86 architecture. It applies to medium and large-sized enterprise headquarters or branches.

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More AR Series Enterprise Routers

Universal Computing Gateways (uCPEs)

  • AR650 Series Universal Computing Gateway

    The AR650 uses the x86 universal hardware platform that is flexible, on-demand, and open. It provides cost-effective and flexible services as well as simple O&M, which can be widely used in enterprise interconnection (SD-WAN) of small and medium-sized enterprise branches.

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  • AR1600 Series Universal Computing Gateway

    The AR1600 uses a universal computing platform that is flexible, on-demand, and open. It provides cost-effective and flexible services, and simple O&M, which can be widely used in enterprise interconnection (SD-WAN) of enterprise branches or headquarters.

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Virtual Router (vCPE)

  • AR1000V Virtual Router

    The AR1000V is a virtual router based on the NFV platform. It integrates functions such as routing, switching, security, VPN, and QoS, and features hardware decoupling, flexible and fast deployment, and intelligent O&M. It can be widely deployed in enterprise headquarters, PoPs, and the cloud.

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Why Huawei Routers?

  • Leading Market Share

    Huawei routers ranked No. 1 in China and No. 2 in the global market, and 70% of carriers and enterprise network NAs use them.

  • Strong Development Capabilities

    Huawei is a leader and outstanding contributor in the IP standards field. Its proprietary Solar chipset had large-scale commercial use on the live network in 2013 and more than 3 million chips were delivered, and the Huawei-proprietary VRP software is the culmination of 17 years of innovation.

  • Award Winning Products

    Huawei routers have won multiple international awards, including SDN-VDC InfoVision award and Japan’s Interop gold award, and they have obtained certification from multiple third-party authoritative organizations worldwide.

Find the Right Solution

  • 0103

    Intent-Driven IP Solution

    Drawing on nearly 20 years of R&D experience and the wide application of its products in the global market, Huawei has developed industry-leading IP network solutions and a wide range of routers.

  • 0203

    SD-WAN Solution

    Huawei’s SD-WAN Solution provides on-demand interconnection between branches, between branches and data centers, and between branches and the cloud. It delivers the ultimate experience in enterprise interconnection through application-based intelligent traffic steering and acceleration, open universal computing gateways (uCPEs), and cloud-based visualized O&M.

  • 0303

    EC-IoT Solution

    Huawei’s Edge Computing IoT (EC-IoT) Solution supports a wide range of industrial protocols and interfaces to adapt to different industry connection scenarios. In addition, it can quickly meet intelligent data processing requirements of different industries through in-depth and open edge computing capabilities and cloud management architecture, facilitating digital transformation of industries.

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