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Behavioural Banking

Behavioural banking comes from something called “behavioural theory”; a branch of psychology known as Behaviourism. Behaviourism asserts that people's actions stem largely from entrenched habits, which in turn, also affects their financial decisions and banking.

Join us as we speak to CEO of Discovery Bank, Hylton Kallner as we discuss the advent of behavioural banks and what that means for banking clients and the future of banking at large. With over 25 years of experience in marketing, actuarial and strategic projects, Hylton will be providing invaluable insights into topics such as dynamic interest rates and the role of behavioural banks in changing South Africa’s mindset towards their finances and nurturing healthier banking behaviour.

Our virtual event starts at 11:30, 21st September with a Q&A session included. Register now!


Mr. Colin Iles

Founder of Innovation Catalysts

Colin Iles has held senior executive positions for a number of tier one financial institutions and has worked in London, Frankfurt, Singapore and South Africa. He also founded the award-winning Equinox Leadership and Innovation Centre and was deputy chair of the African Institute of Financial Markets Risk Management. In 2019 he left financial services to create his own consultancy which offers disruptive interventions for courageous leaders looking to transform from linear to exponential thinking. Whether presenting, facilitating or consulting, Colin mixes his professional experiences with humour, deep research and razor-sharp intellect to ensure his audiences stretch their thinking as to where the real opportunities lie, and help equip teams to thrive in a world where change is now exponential.

Hylton Kallner

CEO of Discovery

Hylton graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with a BEconSC in Actuarial Science. In 2000, he was admitted as a Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries and a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa.
He started his career at Liberty Life and joined Discovery in 1996 where he initially held various positions in marketing, actuarial and strategic projects. Also served as the Group Chief Marketing Officer from 2006 to 2016 and CEO of Discovery Life from 2016 to 2020, while overseeing the group’s R&D, Marketing & Distribution, and Vitality business units.
Hylton is currently the CEO of Discovery SA. In the role, he leads the SA business and composite strategy for Discovery Health, Discovery Life, Discovery Invest, Discovery Insure, and Vitality, and their integration with Discovery Bank. He chairs the SA EXCO as the core governance forum of the SA composite.
Hylton also sits on the Group Exco and boards of Discovery Limited, Discovery Health, Discovery Life, Discovery Insure, Discovery Invest and Discovery Vitality.