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    HCIA Course Webinars

    for Learners in Western Europe


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    Huawei ICT Academy Presented by Huawei ICT Academy Programme, Western Europe

Upcoming Webinars

To support your learning we have arranged a series of FREE Webinar sessions till December 2021.

  • • We will offer 3 different courses per week
  • • Courses will change every 3 weeks
  • • Each course will run one day per week over a 3 week period
  • • Courses will run on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every week in the mornings for 2 hours
    • o From 9am to 12 noon UK & Portugal time
    • o From 10am to 1pm Central European time

All courses will following the below format:


Course Day Format
Datacom Day 1 Course Introduction + Topic 1
Datacom Day 2 Topic 2
Datacom Day 3 Topic 3 + Exam Preparation + exam hints & tips

*You may enrol onto as many courses as you wish

Once you have created your Learning Account, and used the invitation code to enrol into a class with a Virtual Academy within your own Country return to this page and register onto webinars to support you learning

Select from list of webinars to support your learning, click on ‘register’, completion the registration form and follow the instructions. You will receive an email confirming your registration

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