About the Huawei OlympusMons Award

Huawei set up the OlympusMons Award in 2019 to reward solutions to data infrastructure challenges

In the intelligent era, data has become a vital resource. Huawei is committed to utilizing data to build end-to-end capabilities, covering computing, storage, utilization, and AI. With these capabilities, Huawei can meet the growing requirements of various industries, maximize the value of each bit of data, and minimize the cost per bit of data across the entire lifecycle.

Building an ecosystem for the entire tech industry requires the collaboration of all parties. This is particularly true when it comes to infrastructure breakthroughs. In 2019, Huawei set up the OlympusMons Award, which rewards effective solutions to two major challenges in the data industry: how to achieve self-driven full-lifecycle data management, and create data storage with superb cost-performance.

We hope to cooperate with academics across the globe to achieve breakthroughs in technical foundations such as cross-region distributed operating systems, AI governance based on thousands of nodes, heterogeneous computing capability powered by thousands of cores, new storage media, and brain-like intelligent data reduction.

Challenge 1

Achieving the self-driven full-lifecycle data management

Implement the cross-data source storage engine, multi-data-center collaboration and intelligent data full-lifecycle governance with trustworthy by developing technologies such as scheduling of thousands of nodes for efficient data analysis, cross-Availability Zone disaster recovery for high-reliability and availability, federated collaboration with heterogeneous systems, distributed intelligent data index and search, intelligent copy data management etc. Help the enterprise users to discover data more efficiently and understand data more deeply, to converge and process data across a wide range of sources, engines, and regions, and eventually achieve the self-driven full-lifecycle data management.

Challenge 2

Creating data storage with superb cost-performance

Revolutionize the storage hardware system by developing technologies such as a single device powered with thousands of heterogeneous cores, intelligent network, storage and computing convergence, PIM/PNM, and high-performance storage media with large capacity. Help the enterprise users to eliminate barriers between computing and storage, build a primary storage system featuring memory-level performance at an HDD-level cost and a secondary storage system featuring SSD-level performance at a tape-level cost, and eventually create the data storage with superb cost-performance.


Individuals and scientific research teams exploring basic data technologies around the globe
Those whose submissions provide a solution to either of the two challenges that the OlympusMons Award aims to address
Those whose achievements were published in selected international academic conferences or journals within the last three years (2017–2020)

For the list of conferences and journals, see the attachment

Awarding Rules


Challenge existing theories or technologies and drive technological development in the field.


Greatly advance existing theories or technologies.


Applicable to a wide range of scenarios and industries.


Can be implemented and applied to the industry.





Result publication


Award ceremony


Review Board

Senior data experts from Huawei

Senior data experts from Academia


Two prizes which are each worth CNY1,000,000

The award-winning individuals or teams will have the opportunity to establish technical communication channels with the Olympus Innovation Lab and obtain scientific research support from Huawei.
Application Method
Complete the attached application form and send the completed form and submissions to
dataolympus@huawei.com before September 4, 2020.
(In addition to the collection scope and rules of this award event, applicants shall also comply with applicable laws and regulations.)