Session | Finance | Accelerate Change: Shaping Smarter, Greener Finance Together

16:00–17:40, February 27, 2023 (Barcelona time, UTC+1/CET) | Hall 7 Theatre 3

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Accelerate Change: Shaping Smarter, Greener Finance Together

Jason Cao


A Different Kind of Bank

Jimmy Ng


Is There a Future for Financial Services?

John Berry


CaixaBank's Path to Innovation

Eva Fernández


Together We Do Much More


Business-Level AIOps Solution for Financial Services

Wizard He


Leading Digital Infrastructure for New Value Together

Thilo Rockmann

Innovative financial services and an elevated, hyper-personalized customer experience are the drivers of transformation. As such, financial institutions must embrace a cloud-native approach to rapidly develop secure digital services. Here, at the infrastructure level, Huawei reshapes collaborative computing, storage, and connectivity, offering low-carbon, energy-efficient solutions.

Points Of View

"You will understand if you study the trend, be wise if you follow the trend, and be a winner if you adapt to the trend." Huawei strives to accelerate technology application in six fields, including shifting from transaction to digital engagement, developing cloud-native applications and data, evolving infrastructure to MEGA, industrializing data and AI application, enhancing real-time data analysis, and moving towards a cutting-edge AI brain. In this way, we help financial customers accelerate changes, innovatively improve productivity, make productivity visible, and speed up evolution towards the future.
Jason Cao
CEO, Global Digital Finance, Huawei
As we look to create sustainable advantages, our advancements in hybrid-multi cloud, AI/ML, blockchain, and site reliability engineering have become our tech muscles that distinguish DBS as a different kind of bank. The ability to scale with automation and speed springboards our foray into new marketplaces and brings added value to our customers through robust digital banking services. Becoming a tech innovation powerhouse is the evidence that we are well on our way to be more like a technology company rather than a bank.
Jimmy Ng
CIO, Head of Technology & Operations, DBS Bank
Our organization is here to make a difference to the financial services industry itself. We are the catalyst for the change. The industry needs to reinvent itself. It needs to rethink its way of operating, and overhaul the status quo. I'm delighted Huawei is an associate member of Qorus. We want to be working with the very best, bringing our institutional members the chance to interact with third-party experts, improve performance, and inspire new ways of thinking.
John Berry
CEO and Secretary General, Qorus
Our main innovation goals are to maintain CaixaBank's leadership in the very early adoption of new technologies like AI, Blockchain or Quantum Computing, to drive innovation in Digital Channels, improve the understanding of customer behaviors, and most importantly guarantee the impact of innovation throughout the whole organization, keeping sustainable innovations in the long term.
Eva Fernández
Innovation Director, CAIXA
Netis provides business-level AIOps solutions that can span across traditional architecture, multi-vendor on-premises and public cloud, and network devices and applications, and deliver unified, business-oriented end-to-end high performance zero-risk intelligent O&M analysis capabilities instantly.
Wizard He
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, Netis
Legacy modernisation can be compared to an open heart surgery, it requires a careful step-by-step approach. We are taking incremental and furthermore pragmatic steps along the road towards success. This joint solution with Huawei allows customers to migrate mainframe applications with dramatically reduced risks onto a SaaS-based platform, therefore benefiting from seamless integration and operations as part of their modernisation journey.
Thilo Rockmann
CEO, LzLabs
Huawei digital map is an intelligent technology like a subway operator management platform. It provides real-time protection and dynamic management for each train (transaction) site, and can be optimized and sorted at any critical time or problem. It also identifies problems and risks in advance by introducing artificial intelligence and big data, and mitigates them through predictive models.
King Tsui
CTO, Global Digital Finance, Huawei

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