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Campus Network Solution

HUAWEI CONNECT 2016: Campus Network ShowNet Video

Huawei has launched various campus network solutions, designed to meet the increasing demand for campus networks – an information transmission platform that is rapidly becoming a vital resource across a wide range of industries. Huawei has taken advantage of its profound understanding of customer requirements and expertise in new ICT technologies such as cloud computing and Big Data to craft its CloudCampus Solution. The solution employs cloud-based management and all-wireless access to help enterprises build campus networks that adapt to changing needs and enable digital transformation.

Cloud-based Management Lowers Enterprise OPEX and Open APIs Provide Rich SaaS Applications

Huawei leverages cloud technology to provide cloud-based campus network management services that are characterized by “faster deployment”, “simplified administration”, and “richer applications”. Enterprises of all sizes can use the cloud-based network planning, deployment, optimization, and PMI tools it offers to benefit from network deployment that is measured in days rather than months, on-demand network services, and a significant reduction to their OPEX. The Big Data analytics capability and open APIs of a cloud management platform also open up diversified SaaS applications, excellent service experiences, and network VASs for users.

All-wireless Access Provides the Optimal Network Experience

Purpose-built products and solutions are used to provide Wi-Fi access in all scenarios, enabling optimal network experiences. In order to fully utilize both wired and wireless networks, Huawei implements wired and wireless convergence that delivers a consistent user experience and simplifies campus network O&M.

Huawei has released a number of innovative campus network solutions, including CloudCampus, Agile Campus Network, Wired and Wireless Convergence, Network Quality Detection, Free Mobility, All-Scenario Wi-Fi, Commercial Wi-Fi, WLAN Full Lifecycle Management, and Campus Security Solutions. With the launch of these solutions, Huawei has reaffirmed its commitment to helping enterprises of all sizes create more values by making campus networks more agile.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Faster Deployment

Months to Days

Simplified Administration

Real-time support on Cloud, 80%+ lower TCO

Richer Application

Location Analytics (Retail, School, Hospital…)
Wi-Fi with WeChat/Facebook Login

All Wi-Fi Access

All scenarios, tailored, high performance

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Cloud Managed Campus Network Solution

Faster deployment. Simplified administration. Richer applications.

SD-Campus Architecture

SD-Campus Architecture accelerates network deployment, enables wise decision-making and ensures a stable user experience

All-Scenario Wi-Fi Solution

Huawei All-Scenario Wi-Fi Solution meets wireless coverage requirements, delivering optimal access services

Wired and Wireless Convergence Solution

A wired and wireless convergence solution that simplifies network O&M and ensures access security

Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution

Address signal coverage and low performance problems in environments with a high density of rooms

High-Density Wi-Fi Solution

Custom Wi-Fi products solve issues that traditional Wi-Fi solutions in user-intensive scenarios face

Free Mobility Solution

Build campus networks centered on user experience, ensuring a consistent experience for mobile users

Commercial Wi-Fi Solution

The Huawei Commercial Wi-Fi solution for business innovations in wireless scenarios such as shopping malls, supermarkets, scenic areas, cities, & hotels.

eSight Full Life Cycle WLAN Management Solution

Integrates operation and maintenance of wired and wireless networks and offers a range of key features

Big Data-Based Visualized Campus Network Solution

Big Data-Based Visualized Campus Network Solution provides network services simply and efficiently

AgilePOL Solution

Introduction to the AgilePOL solution based on PON technologies

See how Huawei helps enterprise customers succeed

Huawei’s Agile eGov Solution Rescues Dutch City

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