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Video Surveillance

Based on years of experience with technologies in video codec algorithms, network transmission, cloud storage and intelligent big data analytics, Huawei launches full series of video surveillance products, and provides efficient and reliable security solutions for government and enterprise customers worldwide.

Huawei has best-of-breed product capabilities in the security industry, including all-weather high-definition video capture, a variety of wired and wireless network transmission, integrated cloud storage, intelligent big data analytics, visualized conferencing and scheduling. Huawei open architecture is compatible with products of various vendors in the industry, providing customers with smart and convenient business applications.

Currently, Huawei video surveillance and safe city solutions have been serving more than 30 countries, 100 regions and cities worldwide, as well as creating a safer environment for more than 400 million people.

High-Definition IP Cameras

Ruggedized HD video cameras for indoor, outdoor, day and night in box and dome form factors

Video Cloud Node Processing Platform

Video image processing and storage platform for Intelligent Video Surveillance applications


Audio and video decoders for high-security surveillance and live monitoring applications

Power Supply Systems for Video Surveillance

Clean, quiet, reliable solar power plants keep video surveillance systems awake and on duty

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Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution

Huawei Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution addresses security issues for government agencies, the public, and enterprises

Safe City Solution

Huawei’s Safe City Solution provides ubiquitous network access, convergent command, video cloud, and mobile policing.

Video Cloud Surveillance Solution

Secure HD video surveillance with central storage and global access

Emergency Command Solution

Integrates dispatch, CAD, GIS, video surveillance, eLTE trunking, and video conferencing

See how Huawei helps enterprise customers succeed

Beijing Becomes Safer City with Surveillance

Beijing’s video surveillance system with Huawei’s IPC2601-P camera safely protects over 22 million people

Smart City Improves Public Security Efficiency

Huawei’s Safe City platform has software, servers, storage, HD cameras for ePolice and checkpoints

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