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Estudos de caso

Hotels rest easy with better operations

Taj Hotels Co. built a unified hotel operations platform for Internet access, video conferencing, room management, and HD TV for management and guests

Wifi network for Germany's largest stadium

Largest German stadium increased revenue while gaining better efficiency and security

Agile Wifi stadium network scores big

Dutch soccer stadium scores big with Huawei agile, high-density Wifi network

Building a World-Class Hotel Network

Huawei provided Internet, wireless communications, telephone, VOD, video conferencing & surveillance, and property management for a luxury hotel

Fixed Broadband Network for Chinese TV

Huawei built a fixed broadband network with bi-directional coverage for cable, interactive HD TV, and 10M Internet for a Chinese TV network

Telecom Operator Builds a Flagship Network

Building a GPON-based, FTTH access network with home, enterprise, and mobile service for a UAE-based telecom operator