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  • Italy Back to School Program HCSAv3

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Step 1

Create Account

*If you already have a Huawei account, please ignore Step 1

Step 2

Associate Academy

*Choose country “Italy”, choose academy "Fondazione Cultura e innovazione". If you are already associated with another Italy ICT Academy, skip this step.

*Waiting for association approval, click here to check the approval status

Step 4

Book Exams

*Click “choose or change exam subjects” -> search ”HCSA” at exam subject

Step 7

Claim Reward

*The qualified winners will receive email notification and reward.

Campaign Rules

  • From 15th September to 30th November 2021, we will issue prizes to winners on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Contact us: talentweu@huawei.com

Terms & Conditions

  • Eligible Territory: Italy
  • Huawei WEU HCSA back to school Campaign 2021 is only open to participants from Huawei ICT Academy Student within the eligible territory.
  • The program runs from 15th September to 30th November 2021, and eligible certificates must be newly obtained during the period of 15th September to 30th November 2021.
  • Participants have to enrol themselves in our campaign program through registration become student and we will confirm the successful award claiming.
  • One candidate can register for multiple technical domains.
  • All information submitted in connection with this campaign will only be used for confirmation of winners and delivery of gifts, and will be treated in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and the Privacy Policy (https://www.huawei.com/en/privacy-policy).
  • Huawei employees are not eligible to participate the campaign.
  • Huawei reserves the right to revise the Terms and Conditions of this program without further notice; Huawei's decision is full and final in the event of any dispute.
  • Please note that any taxes due on the receipt of the prize are the responsibility of the recipient.