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Emergency Road Communication Solution

As road transportation develops rapidly, road operators require powerful emergency communication systems to boost their capabilities to handle emergencies such as serious traffic accidents and geological disasters.

Huawei Emergency Road Communication Solution provides services that enable efficient road emergency operations, including unified communication, video conferencing system for real-time visual access to emergency situations, and multimedia dispatching. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can provide video access to the road emergencies anytime anywhere, improving interactive collaboration and decision-making efficiency during urgent situations.

The solution helps solve major issues affecting existing road emergency communication systems such as:

  • Voice systems that cannot be integrated with each other, preventing cross-voice system communication
  • Video conferencing systems and monitoring systems operate independently of each other so decision-makers cannot easily work together or share real-time on-site video
  • Road emergency platforms lack multimedia communications capabilities with low dispatching efficiency

Using the latest innovative information and communications technologies combined with industry-leading converged voice and video capabilities, Huawei has developed the Emergency Road Communication Solution.

This solution offers services that enable efficient road emergency operations such as unified communication, a video conferencing system that streams real-time video to visually monitor emergency conditions, and a multimedia dispatching system. Mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets can access on-site video for emergency consultation and command communication. The solution provides reliable, efficient collaboration and interactivity to make the best decisions in critical situations.

The solution provides a multi-layered architecture with Support, Application, and Display layers. The Support Layer enables communications with the Road Emergency Communication System comprised of the Video Conferencing and Unified Communication (UC) Systems and the Multimedia Dispatching System. The Application Layer has the Road Emergency Platform with open interfaces to integrate with third-party applications for more powerful emergency functions. The Display Layer shows the decision-makers at the highest command what is actually happening at the emergency location with live video streaming and shared interactive communications directly to Command Consultation, Monitoring, or Dispatching Centers. Various terminals allow for mobile visual access to live video at the emergency location and improve collective communications. Smartphones, PCs, and tablets are some of the mobile devices for effective multimedia communications anywhere, anytime.

Unified communication

The Unified Communication (UC) system in the support layer enables reliable means of communication for emergency personnel. The platform provides basic communications functions such as voice calls, voice conferences, and group communication, as well as advanced communications functions, such as trunking calls.

Video Conferencing Capabilities for Emergency Consultation

The latest convenient video conferencing functions are provided, such as HD video conferencing systems and digital whiteboard multipoint interaction. Real-time video allows for live monitoring of the emergency situation. Teams use these collaboration tools for interactive evaluation to determine emergency response.

Multimedia Dispatching

Phone dispatching functions are provided for emergency assessment and command. The Multimedia Dispatching System is connected to road monitoring systems for real-time video streaming about on-site conditions. Live video can be delivered to the mobile dispatching terminals of emergency responders, monitoring screens, emergency consultation and command rooms.

Open SDK interfaces are used for integration with road emergency platforms, forming an integrated traffic situation interface that allows quick emergency dispatching.

The solution helps organizations build powerful and convergent emergency communications capabilities, which are critical visual assessment tools to efficiently resolve roadside emergencies.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Mobile visual command anytime, anywhere

Video-enabled phones and tablets provide visual access for collaboration and command anytime, anywhere

Reliable, efficient multimedia dispatch

Phone, trunking, and video conferencing for dispatch efficiency and multimedia communication

Seamlessly integrated video and road monitoring

Integrated video conferencing and road monitoring for real-time road conditions and emergency response

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